These research projects are currently funded and underway in the department.

You can also see a list of research projects where funding has ceased, but dissemination activities may still be ongoing.

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Metatalk for Writing

Ruth Newman
Economic and Social Research Council
2020 - 2022

Plant Phenome

John Dupré
European Commission
2019 - 2021

The Prince’s Countryside Fund: Livestock Auction Marts Research Project

Michael Winter
The Prince's Countryside Fund and the John Oldacre Foundation Endowment
2019 - 2020

Writing the Future

Esmaeel Abdollahzadeh, Debra Myhill
Qatar National Research Fund
2019 - 2022

In the Shadow of the Tree: The Diagrammatics of Relatedness as Scientific, Scholarly, and Popular Practice

Staffan Müller-Wille
Swiss National Foundation Synergeia Grant
2019 - 2023

Integrating Diversity in the European Union (InDivEU)

Sandra Kröger
European Union
2019 - 2021

Integrating Diversity in the European Union (InDivEU)

Sandra Kröger, Sara Silvestre
European Union
2019 - 2021

SPISEY - Supporting Practices for Inclusive Schooling & Education for Youth

Christopher Boyle
Erasmus+ project led by University College Syddanmark, Denmark
2018 - 2021


Kerry Chappell
European Commission
2018 - 2021

OCEANS Connections

Lindsay Hetherington
2018 - 2021

ABC: Active Bystander Communities

Rachel Fenton
Bristol City Council, Devon County Council
2018 - 2020

BCHT: Bio-Cultural Heritage Tourism

Michael Winter
European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
2018 - 2021

European common defence and shared security in an age of Brexit and Trump

Jason Reifler, Catarina Thomson
Volkswagen Foundation
2018 - 2021

LAWALISI: Law, Authority and Learning in Imami Shi'ite Islam

Robert Gleave
European Commission
2016 - 2021

National study to investigate how British universities are challenging sexual violence and harassment on campus

Rachel Fenton
SSIS ADR Discretionary Research Fund, SSIS. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Partnership Development Grant, UCLAN.
2016 - 2023

UK Natural Capital Committee

Ian J. Bateman
2016 - 2020

Organisms and Us: How Living Things Help Us to Understand Our World

Sabina Leonelli
Australian Research Council
2016 - 2020

The DETOX-Responsible Innovation Project

Susan Molyneux-Hodgson
2016 - 2021

Exploring Diagnosis: Autism and the Neurodiversity Movement

Ginny Russell
Wellcome Trust
2015 - 2020

Spaces of Possibility for the Creative Re-Use of Europeana's Content

Charlotte Waelde
European Commission
2014 - 2021

Nuclear Societies

Susan Molyneux-Hodgson
2013 - 2023