Egenis members

Egenis' research projects are grouped into four broad strands that are each lead by a key researcher. As an interdisciplinary institute, Egenis has fellows that are research-active in multiple strands.

Professor Giovanna Colombetti Mind, Body and Culture
Professor John Dupré Biology and Cross-Species Intersections
Professor Susan Kelly Health and Illness
Professor Sabina Leonelli Data Studies and Knowledge Processing
Dr Nicole-Kerstin Baur Research Fellow
Dr Lorenzo Beltrame Research Fellow
Dr Daniele Carrieri Research Fellow
Professor Gail Davies Professor in Human Geography
Dr Julien Dugnoille Lecturer
Dr Christopher Elphick Associate Research Fellow
Dr Hannah Farrimond Lecturer
Professor Regenia Gagnier Professor of English
Dr Shane Glackin Lecturer
Professor Paul Griffiths Visiting Professor of Philosophy
Dr Stephan Guttinger Research Fellow
Professor Christine Hauskeller Associate Professor
Professor Michael Hauskeller Professor of Philosophy
Professor Stephen Hinchliffe Professor in Human Geography
Dr Samantha Hurn Lecturer
Dr Steven Kapp Research Fellow in Autism and Neurodiversity
Dr Joel Krueger Lecturer
Professor Susan Molyneux-Hodgson Chair of Sociology
Professor Staffan Müller-Wille Associate Professor
Dr Daniel Nicholson Research Fellow
Dr Anne Sophie Meincke Research Fellow
Professor Brian Rappert Professor of Science, Technology and Public Affairs
Professor Angelique Richardson Associate Professor
Dr Tom Roberts Lecturer
Dr Ginny Russell Senior Research Fellow
Professor Michael Schillmeier Professor of Sociology
Dr Astrid Schrader Research Fellow
Dr Niccolò Tempini Research Fellow
Dr Adam Toon Lecturer
Dr Katharine Tyler Lecturer
Dr Dana Wilson-Kovacs Lecturer

Necmiye Akcali

PhD researcher
Nick Binney PhD researcher
Thomas Bonnin PhD researcher

Maria Dede

PhD researcher
Gregor Halfmann PhD researcher
Jennie Hayes PhD researcher

Maria Hietala

PhD researcher
Caglar Karaca PhD researcher
Jaanika Puusalu PhD researcher
Thibault Racovski PhD researcher

Elena Sharratt

PhD researcher

Ric Sims

PhD researcher
Javier Suárez Diaz PhD researcher
Professor Orkun Soyer Professor of Molecular Biology University of Warwick
Professor Rachel Ankeny Professor of Philosophy University of Adelaide
Dr Richard Holdsworth Information technology coordinator European Parliament
Dr Deborah Robinson Lecturer in Fine Art University of Plymouth
Dr Maren Klotz Research Fellow Humboldt University (Berlin)
Dr Ann-Sophie Barwich Research Fellow Konrad Lorenz Institute (Vienna)
Dr Maurizio Meloni Senior Research Fellow University of Sheffield