Submitting Course Work and Dissertations

In all the work you submit, you must take great care to ensure that you do not inadvertently plagiarise the work/ideas of someone else. Plagiarism is a serious offence and any student suspected of this will be subjected to a formal enquiry and if found guilty will be disciplined and in some cases could be withdrawn from the course. There is guidance on the website about how to avoid committing plagiarism, and the Study Skills team can also help if you are uncertain about what it is and how to avoid it. Within ELE you will find a module called Academic Honesty and Plagiarism which will give you very clear guidance. Please see the section entitled Presentation of Written Work for a more comprehensive section on plagiarism.


Penalties for over length work

Different assessments have different word lengths specified for them; it is important that students keep to the word length specified for each assessment at all times on the following grounds:

  • to encourage succinct and clear writing by students.
  • to ensure equity between all the students doing that particular assessment

Students found to have exceeded the specified word limit for an assessment will be subject to the following penalties:

Up to 10% over length

No deduction off final mark

More than 10% and up to 20% over length

Deduction of 5 marks off final mark

20% or more over length

Maximum mark of 50%

Students are responsible for including an accurate word count on the cover sheet for each piece of work they submit; failure to be honest in this respect will itself be penalised under the University’s cheating and plagiarism regulations: 

The word count specified for assessments usually includes the footnotes and excludes the bibliography, however you should be guided by the unit or the module handbook. If in doubt, ask the module leader. Footnotes should always be used for references only; those containing large amounts of texts will be treated as if they were part of the text. Appendices should be confined to diagrams, tables, maps, and visual images, unless subject unit guidance or module handbooks explicitly allow otherwise.

Academic staff will check the declared word count on the cover sheet against the word limit specified for that assessment; where the word count exceeds the specified word limit, the appropriate penalty will be applied.

Where academic staff suspect the student has not declared the word count honestly, and that the piece of work is over the specified limit, staff should ask the College Office staff to check the word count in order to determine the appropriate penalty to be administered.

Deadlines and Extensions

Each piece of coursework and your dissertation needs to be completed to a time limit. Part of the test in achieving a Masters degree is your ability to manage your time and the tasks in hand in order to meet deadlines. It is very important that you do submit your work in good time because the University lays down a set of penalties for late work. Please remember that you should not leave the final production of coursework or dissertation to the last minute. You cannot rely that all IT equipment, printing and binding services will be functioning and available. Therefore you should not treat a deadline as the final moment in which to complete work. Plan well in advance and allow for possible delays.

Details of penalties e.g. for late submission, can be found in the University's Handbook for Assessment, Progression and Awarding: Taught Programmes

The penalty for assessed work submitted up to two weeks late is a mark reduced to 50% (a bare pass), provided that the work is of passable quality. Any pieces of assessed work submitted more than two weeks beyond a submission date will be failed automatically and receive a mark of zero. All decisions about late submission are referred to the Board of Examiners. Also see later on in the handbook for more information on marking and assessment.

Coursework: all coursework that counts towards the overall assessment of your degree, including takeaway examinations, should be completed and submitted to the deadlines set by the module tutors. Your tutor or tutors will inform you of the deadlines at the start of the module. If appropriate, they will offer comment on plans or drafts of the work before these deadlines.

Procedures for Late Submission of Work

In order for you to be given an extension on a deadline or have mitigating circumstances considered in relation to performance or a missed deadline you have to follow a formal process. You have to complete an application for mitigation/extension which should be submitted no later than one working day after your deadline. Failure to do this will lead to the penalties for late submission being applied unless the mitigating circumstances themselves prevented the submission of the application at the appropriate time. Extensions will not be approved retrospectively.

Please refer to the University Guidance on mitigation for further details. The College follows the standard University Guidelines but additional information is available to our students in the form of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide. Please visit the Mitigation, Deferrals and Extensions page ( of the student intranet for this guidance and for the relevant forms. Advice can also be sought from the College Office in Amory Building for Streatham based students ( or the Info at St Luke's Office ( for students based on St Luke's campus.

Submission and Feedback Procedure for Assessed Work

Any work assigned by your tutor that does not count towards the overall assessment of the module can be given directly to the tutor concerned. However, there are formal procedures for the submission of assessed work:

Coursework: The majority of your assignments will be submitted through the eBART system which will allow you to submit your work electronically. Please see the eBart page for further details. Submissions should be identifiable only by your student number which is automatically generated on your cover sheet, please DO NOT include your name on any of your assignments.

If you are unclear how the system works, please call in to the College Office or the Info at St Luke's Office, staff will be pleased to assist you.

The College has very specific guidance about binding etc which will be supplied well before you are due to hand-in your dissertation.