Personal Tutors

All students are assigned a personal tutor. The Personal Tutor is a student’s first port of call in matters relating personal development, academic progress and welfare. A Personal Tutor should also monitor progress, and assist tutees in reviewing their achievements and skills. In normal circumstances you will have the same person as your personal tutor throughout your time at Exeter.

You should, therefore, maintain contact with your tutor. Tutors will arrange a number of meetings with their tutees across a year, in accordance with University policy, and it is the responsibility of students to attend these meetings. Tutors are also available throughout the year, in their office-hours.

Very occasionally, for various but specific reasons, a student may wish to change his/her Personal Tutor. In this case, please see your Department Administrator, who will allocate an alternative.

Please also see the University policies on personal tutors on the Personal Tutoring website.