Postgraduate Module Descriptor

EFPM835: Foreign Language Testing and Assessment

This module descriptor refers to the 2020/1 academic year.

Module Aims

1.  to understand key terms and concepts in language testing and current beliefs about assessment

2. to understand approaches and techniques in language testing – both objective and subjective testing typology

3. to critically examine the relationship of testing to teaching practice and syllabus design

4. to learn how to evaluate a test’s purpose and appropriateness, and understand the use made of tests

5. to design or critique a test for a described group of learners relevant to your context.

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

This module's assessment will evaluate your achievement of the ILOs listed here - you will see reference to these ILO numbers in the details of the assessment for this module.

On successfully completing the programme you will be able to:
Module-Specific Skills1. demonstrate an understanding of different approaches to language testing;
2. demonstrate an understanding of key technical terms applied to testing and relate these to their specific context;
3. create and modify tests;
4. evaluate assessment tools and results;
5. apply course input to their own, their peers' and abstract assessment situations
Discipline-Specific Skills6. demonstrate the ability to recognise core issues in language testing and explore alternative solutions through critical debate. This will be done during group discussions and evidenced by satisfactory reference to the literature in the assignment.
7. demonstrate the ability to recognise how the role, design and social status of language testing may vary in different cultural contexts
Personal and Key Skills8. analyse the relevant academic literature
9. practice independent study and group work
10. engage in critical debate with peers
11. digest, select and organise material to produce, to a deadline, a coherent and thoughtful assessment tool.
12. take responsibility and carry out agreed tasks within a co-operative group environment.