Undergraduate Module Descriptor

PHL1002B: Knowledge and Reality 2

This module descriptor refers to the 2016/7 academic year.

Module Aims

The aim of this module is to introduce you to core topics in western philosophy. The course will revolve around a number of questions: What is the mind? What is the self? Does God exist? Why is there evil? Are we free? What should we do? How should we live? In considering these questions, you will become acquainted with some of the main historical movements in western philosophy, as well as with basic concepts and theories in core areas of philosophy such as epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, and moral philosophy.

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

This module's assessment will evaluate your achievement of the ILOs listed here – you will see reference to these ILO numbers in the details of the assessment for this module.

On successfully completing the programme you will be able to:
Module-Specific Skills1. Become familiar with the major movements in the history of philosophy and a familiarity with the basic concepts and theories in the areas of epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of mind and moral philosophy.
Discipline-Specific Skills2. Analyze arguments, criticize texts, and write well-argued essays, and question received ideas.
Personal and Key Skills3. Construct and evaluate ideas, to formulate and express ideas at different levels of abstraction, to assess and criticize the views of others.