Undergraduate Module Descriptor

POC2084: Foreign Policy

This module descriptor refers to the 2018/9 academic year.

Please note that this module is only delivered on the Penryn Campus.

Indicative Reading List

This reading list is indicative - i.e. it provides an idea of texts that may be useful to you on this module, but it is not considered to be a confirmed or compulsory reading list for this module.

Steve Smith, Amelia Hadfield, Tim Dunne eds., Foreign Policy: Theories, Actors, Cases (Oxford: OUP 2008).

Graham Allison and Philip Zelikow, Essence of Decision: Explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis 2nd edn (New York: Longman, 1999).

Christopher Hill, The Changing Context of Foreign Policy (London: Palgrave, 2003).

Valerie Hudson, Foreign Policy Analysis: Classic and Contemporary Theory (New York: Rowman, 2007).

Ole R. Holsti (2004) Public Opinion and American Foreign Policy. University of Michigan Press.

Gaskarth, Jamie. British Foreign Policy: Crises, Conflicts and Future Challenges. John Wiley & Sons, 2013.

Mintz, A., & DeRouen Jr, K. Understanding foreign policy decision making. Cambridge University Press, 2010