Undergraduate Module Descriptor

SSIM900: Contemporary Debates in Security, Conflict and Justice

This module descriptor refers to the 2018/9 academic year.

Indicative Reading List

This reading list is indicative - i.e. it provides an idea of texts that may be useful to you on this module, but it is not considered to be a confirmed or compulsory reading list for this module.

• Galtung, Johan 1969. ‘Violence, peace, and peace research.’ Journal of Peace Research 63: 167-191
• Jacoby, Tim 2008. Understanding Conflict and Violence: Theoretical and Interdisciplinary Perspectives. London: Routledge.
• Kolodziej, Edward A. 2005. ‘Chapter 2: The foundations of security studies: Hobbes, Clausewitz, Thucydides’. In: Security and International Relations. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
• Moyn, Samuel, 2010. The Last Utopia: Human Rights in History. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press. 
• Woods, Kerri 2014. Human Rights. Basingstoke. Palgrave Macmillan. 
• Freeman, Michael 2002. Human Rights: An Interdisciplinary Approach. Cambridge: Polity Press.
• Goodhand, Jonathan 2000. ‘Research in conflict areas: Ethics and accountability.’ Forced Migration Review 8: 12-15.