On this page we list any forthcoming events relevant to the Department of Politics and International Relations. 

Any SSIS staff or postgrads may always attend, although registration may be required (the event will specify if so). Anyone else should contact the department or the centre in question.

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20 November 201910:30

Who do we think you are? Detecting salient identities in text

Behaviour differs between social groups – this appears to be true for linguistic style as well. Recent research has shown differences between age, gender, religious and political groups in the way group members speak. Since we are members of many different social groups, the question arises whether group membership affects our linguistic style constantly or whether our style shifts towards the group membership most relevant to the situation. Full details
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22 November 201915:30

Data Analysis & Q-Step Alumni Careers Q&A Discussion

Come along to our Q&A event and speak to a number of recent Exeter Q-Step and Politics graduates who have taken different career routes into social data science since graduating! This event is intended for any students, UG or PG, interested in a career in data analysis. You will have the opportunity to find out about a range of careers, and learn about what you can do, both now during your studies and after graduation, to follow a similar path.. Full details
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27 November 201912:30

Elena Gadjanova -Title tbc.

Full details
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3 December 201912:30

Introduction to LaTex

LaTex is a document preparation system for high-quality typesetting that is used extensively in academia and elsewhere for technical and scientific documents. This workshop is aimed at those with little-to-no experience of LaTex, but who wish to develop a working understanding of it in order to produce high-quality documents. Full details
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15 January 202013:00

Introduction to R for Social Scientists

This workshop is aimed at those who have no experience of R, and will provide a solid introduction to using it for data analysis by covering how to handle data structures such as vectors, matrices, and data frames. Full details
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5 February 202013:00

Introduction to GIS

A geographic information system (GIS) is a system designed to allow researchers to capture, store, manipulate, analyse, manage, and present spatial or geographic data. This workshop will introduce attendees to the introductory principles of GIS and how to use Python ArcGIS for research purposes. Full details
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4 March 202013:00

Data Analysis with R for Social Scientists

Building upon the basic introduction offered to R in workshop 4, this workshop will cover exploratory data analysis, quantitative data analysis, and visualising data using R, as well as introducing the various libraries that a user needs to be familiar with in order to carry out such tasks. Full details
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24 - 26 June 2020

ECPR SG on Regulatory Governance 2020 Conference

The 8th Biennial ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance will be taking place in 2020 at the University of Exeter from June 24 until June 26.. Full details
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