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Photo of Dr Aneta  Brockhill

Dr Aneta Brockhill

Lecturer in Politics and International Relations

 Aneta’s research centres on different representations and understandings of violence and the implications of these for thinking about the phenomenon in contemporary conflicts. Her research is partly concerned with further developing and refining the conceptual framework of violence within peace and conflict studies. She is also interested in the discursive constructions of social practice, the cultural production and reproduction of representations of danger, as well as the security implications of policies of separation, which she has explored in the context of the Israel-Palestine 'conflict'. Her research is based on original data collection in Israel and Palestine which spans over two years. Her most current scholarly publications features in Third World Quarterly and Mediterranean Politics

She is also currently working on developing a narrative-based learning programme to engage in the teaching and learning of conflict analysis.

Aneta teaches modules on Politics and IR in the Middle East: Violence, Conflict and Religion in the Middle East, Understanding Israel and Palestine: Seeking Peace, and Understanding Israel and Palestine: Seeking Peace. She also teaches Research Methods in International Relations, Key Concepts in Politics and International Relations and co-runs the US Field Trip.


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