Photo of Dr Robin Durie

Dr Robin Durie


Extension: 3185

Telephone: 01392 723185

Senior Lecturer

Robin Durie's research interests lie in two main areas. First, he undertakes research in political philosophy in the 'Continental' tradition. He has expertise in the history of phenomenology, and, in particular, in the philosophies of Bergson and Deleuze. In this area, he has published work on problems of time, change and difference. He is committed to interdisciplinary research, and has an extensive track record of active collaboration with leading scholars in the fields of physics, biology, mathematics, art, design and architecture. It is on the basis of this collaborative work that he developed his other main area of research, in public policy, and specifically research for the National Health Service. For the last four years, he has undertaken research with colleagues in the Health Complexity Group, based at the Peninsula Medical School, into processes of change in the NHS. A further dimension of this work has been to investigate processes of social and urban regeneration in the South West and Cornwall. This record of interdisciplinary research deriving from complexity theory has led to the award of 2 EPSRC funded research projects: the first project will investigate the theme of 'sustainability' from the perspective of theories of emergence; while the second will investigate the evolution of artificial culture, and problems of interpretation that emerge in the study of artificial and alien cultures (see and and for further details about these projects).