Photo of Dr Robin Durie

Dr Robin Durie

Research Supervision

Political philosophy in the 'continental' tradition
The history of phenomenology
The philosophies of Bergson and Deleuze
Problems of time, change and difference
Processes of social and urban regeneration (particularly in the South West and Cornwall)
Interdisciplinary research in public policy (especially in relation to health-care); and also in the fields of physics, biology, mathematics, art, design and architecture

Research Students

Joanie Willett (main supervisor), 'Cornish Identity'

Simon Townsend (main supervisor), 'Nietzsche & Deleuze'

Carissa Hoareau (main supervisor), EPSRC funded student, 'The Emergence of Artificial Culture in Robot Societies'

Cassie Hague (main supervisor), 'Apocalyptic Youth Fiction and Ambivalence: The limit of Politics'