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Articles in Refereed Journals

Greasley, S. (2011) ‘Cabinet Governance and Political Stability in English Urban Councils’ Commonwealth Journal of Local Governance pp. 18

Greasley, S. and John, P (2011) ‘Does Stronger Political Leadership Have a Performance Payoff? Citizen Satisfaction and the Institutional Redesign of Sub-Central Governments in England, 2000-2006.Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 21 (2). pp. 239-256.

Greasley, S. John, P and Wolman, H (2011) ‘Does Government Performance Matter? The Effects of Local Government on Urban Outcomes in England.Urban Studies, 48 (9). pp. 1835-1851.

Greasley, Stephen, Goodwin, M, John, P and Richardson, L (2010) ‘Can we make environmental citizens? A randomised control trial of the effects of a school-based intervention on the attitudes and knowledge of young people.Environmental Politics, 19 (3). pp. 392-412.

Gains, F., Greasley, S., John, P. and Stoker, G. (2009) `The Impact of Political Leadership on Organizational Performance: evidence from English Urban Government' Local Government Studies 

Greasley, S. and Stoker, G. (2008) `Institutionalising leadership: Mayors in English local government' Public Administration Review  July/ August, pp. 720 - 728

Greasley, S (2007) `Maintaining Ethical Cultures: Self regulation in English Local Government' Local Government Studies v 33 Issue 3, pp. 451-464

Edited book / Book chapters

Durose, C., Greasley, S., Richardson, L (2010) Changing Governance, Changing Citizens Policy press– Introduction, Conclusion and a co-authored chapter

Greasley, S. and Stoker, G. (2009) `Urban Political Leadership' in Theories of Urban Politics 2nd edition