Photo of Professor David Grey

Professor David Grey

Research Interests

Water Resources

  • Development of the 'water security' paradigm; analysis of the roles that water insecurity plays in poverty, environmental degradation and dispute and water security plays in economic growth
  • Analysis of the risks that climate and other change mean for water security, livelihoods and environmental sustainability
  • Institutional and incentive structures for improving water management
  • Global dimensions of water security resulting from spillover and other effects of water-related actions and events; the consequent need for global frameworks for policy and action.

International Water Resources

  • Institutional, economic, political and legal drivers of cooperation
  • Development of the 'benefit sharing' paradigm; analysis of the role that benefit sharing can play in resolving inter-jurisdictional water disputes at all levels
  • Strategic basin assessments of costs and benefits of cooperation alternatives

Water Services

  • Institutional and incentive structures for improving the performance of water supply and sanitation institutions, including urban utilities and community management
  • Other political economy issues, including barriers to irrigation productivity and sharing benefits of hydropower development with affected people