Dr John Heathershaw

PhD, London School of Economics


Extension: 4185

Telephone: 01392 724185

Associate Professor

My research addresses conflict and security in authoritarian political environments, especially in post-Soviet Central Asia.  It considers how and how effectively conflict is managed in authoritarian states.  I convene the Exeter Central Asian Studies (ExCAS) research network and direct its Central Asian Political Exiles (CAPE) project. From 2012-16, I was principle investigator of the ESRC project Rising Powers and Conflict Management in Central Asia, collaborating with my close colleagues David Lewis, Nick Megoran and Catherine Owen and working with the NGO Saferworld.

I was elected to the board of directors of the Central Eurasian Studies Society for the period 2011-2014 and chaired its book prize committee in 2012-14 and ts Taskforce on Risk and Safety in Fieldwork, 2015-16.  I am a member of the board of the European Society for Central Asian Studiesfor the period 2015-19; we will host the biennial conference at Exeter in 2019. My work has been influential in Geography and Anthropology as well as IR/Political Science, as measured by invitation to conferences and book projects.

Links to pre- and post-print versions of my other publications can be found on my Academia.Edu homepage

Office: Amory Building, room 229

I am on research leave duirng the Autumn Term of 2017-18.