Dr Sam Power

PhD, MSc, MA, BA

Lecturer in Politics

Amory 236A

My primary research interests are political party financing, party politics and corruption in advanced industrial democracies - particularly in Western Europe. I am particularly interested in investigating whether different types of corruption are prevalent in certain institutional settings (e.g. in those party funding regimes which are predominantly privately financed and those which are predominantly state financed). Alongside my work on political party financing I also have a research focus on party membership, comparative politics, partisanship, new institutionalism and theories of representation. I have published widely on these themes and have provided expert interview to a number of media outlets including the BBC (television and radio), the Financial Times (in print) and Vice (online).

I hold a PhD in Politics from the University of Sussex. Previously to joining Exeter I held a teaching position at the University of Sussex and worked as a Research Associate in Party Membership and Engagement at the Sir Bernard Crick Centre for the Public Understanding of Politics, University of Sheffield.


External impact and engagement

I regularly provide commentary to media organisations and have written for publications such as The Conversation, New Statesman and the Washington Post. A full list of all my publications is below:

Dommett, K. and Power, S. (2018), "Membership organisations: how to boost numbers and activate engagement", LSE: British Politics and Policy

Power, S. (2018), “The financial health of British political parties: what the latest data tells us”, LSE: British Politics and Policy

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