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Professor Claudio Radaelli

PhD in Political Science, University of Florence


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Professor of Political Science, Jean Monnet Chair in European Public Policy, Director, Centre for European Governance

Welcome to my home-page!

I am the Anniversary Chair in Politics, Director of the Centre for European Governance ( and since September 2014 Jean Monnet Chair in Political Economy. The Anniversary Chair in Politics was created in 2004 by the University of Exeter to promote international excellence in comparative policy analysis, with an inter-disciplinary orientation. This is a privileged position for someone who thinks that the most exciting problems in public policy are addressed by interdisciplinary teams. My idea of "team" covers colleagues in Politics, Law and Economics, as well as my doctoral students and research fellows. Research students should be prepared for their ‘adult’ life – thus they work on their dissertations but also take part in specific policy projects, offer training to regulators, animate discussion forums, and, when appropriate, interact with policy-makers. My previous doctoral students work at the European Commission, Ceps-Brussels and research-led universities in the UK and overseas. As a team, we provide training, advice and high-impact research to the World Bank, the European Commission, the OECD and several European governments.

My most recent research project was Analysis of Learning in Regulatory Governance funded by the European Research Council for the period 2009-2013 carried out with  Dr Claire Dunlop, Dr Oliver Fritsch (now at Leeds University), and a small team of research associates.

Apart from learning and regulation, I also have an interest in research design. Dr. Theofanis Exadaktlylos and I published a large co-edited volume on  Research Design in European Studies, looking at how to establish the causal effects of European Union public policy and politics on domestic political systems (Palgrave, 2012). With two oustadning Swiss colleagues, Prof. Fabrizio Gilardi and Dr. Martino Maggetti, I authored a book on Research Design in the Social Sciences (Sage, Dec. 2012). Recently I also worked on the topic of governance architectures, with a special issue on the Lisbon Agenda of the European Union (Journal of European Public Policy, 2011, co-edited with Professor Susana Borras). An important part of my professional life is the  European Journal of Political Research, the flagship journal of the European Consortium for Political Research. The journal is currently coedited by Professor Yannis Papadopolous (Lausanne) and me. The Ejpr office is at Exeter.

In terms of teaching, this year I convene the core Modules we offer in the MA in European Politics and a third-year module on Markets, Regulation and Europeanization (POL3081). I contribute to our Masters in Public Administration with a Module on Regulatory Reform: Analysis and Practice which is taught in Spring.

My core research fields are policy learning,  regulatory analysis,  and EU public policy. I also carried out a few projects on Italian politics and public policy. Over the last five years or so, I have carried out several projects on Europeanization, international taxation, discourse and the politics of expertise, and regulatory impact assessment in comparative perspective, with funding from the European Research Council, the ESRC, the Nuffield Foundation, the British Academy and the European Commission. 


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World Top authors in political science, all years: 39th (October 2012) Publications 71, H-index 15; total citations: 864

Scopus, H-index=13 (October 2012);

Most-cited article in ISI Web of knowledge: 104 citations for "Policy transfer in the European Union" in Governance;
Google scholar: entries cited over 100 times in Google Scholar: 13 (top citation: 772 times, accessed September 2012)

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