Dr Joanie Willett

Research Interests

The inter-relationship between identity, the environment, and the economy.

This work follows several themes:

1.Improving Economic Development: How people, the economy, and the environments of peripheral regions become discursively constructed and the impacts that this has on socio-economic development.

2. Local Government: How can we improve local governance  in order to foster and maintain engaged, sustainable, resilient communities. 

3. Sustainable Fashion: How trends and fashion shape our attitudes to the environment.

My work has tended to involve comparisons and collaborations across the UK and EU, but I am increasingly starting to develop networks in the United States. 

I use critical political theory, complexity theory, new materialisms, post-humanism and a politics of affect as methodological tools to explore these questions, and consider the role that art and theatre has as a research method that best grasps the nuance, complexity, and dynamism of contemporary socio-environmental issues