Research events

Research events play an important role in our active research culture. Academic staff from the University and other institutions come together with students to share and debate the latest ideas and developments.

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11 September 201718:00

"The Problem of Misperceptions"

While some people may simply lack relevant factual knowledge, others may actively hold incorrect beliefs. These factual beliefs that are not supported by clear evidence and expert opinion are what scholars call misperceptions (Nyhan and Reifler 2010). My current research is principally about misperceptions—the “facts” that people believe that simply are not true. What misperceptions do people hold on issues like immigration, vaccines, and climate change? Who holds these misperceptions? What demographic and attitudinal variables are correlated with holding misperceptions? And ultimately, what can be done to help reduce misperceptions? In this inaugural lecture, I present highlights from my research in this area, and discuss my research plans going forward. If you wish to attend the above lecture and drinks reception, you much reserve a seat. All seats will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Please email Full details
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3 October 201715:30

Preparing healthcare scientists for team work

The Centre for Research in Professional Learning are holding regular discussion sessions, known as Research Teas, throughout the 2017/18 academic year. All are welcome to attend. Full details
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24 October 201717:00

Seminar by Dr Colin Foster (University of Nottingham) Developing mathematical fluency: exercises or rich tasks?

Achieving fluency in important mathematical procedures is fundamental to students’ mathematical development. The usual way to address procedural fluency in the classroom is by repetitive practice of routine exercises, but is this the only effective way? Full details
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7 November 201713:00

Seminar by Emeritus Professor Ian Menter (University of Oxford) Teacher education and government: a tale of two countries

The relationships between politics and teacher education have become increasingly close over recent decades in many contexts around the world, often causing significant challenges as well as some opportunities. Full details
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21 November 201717:00

Seminar by Professor Carol Taylor (Sheffield Hallam University) - title to be confirmed

Title and abstract to follow. Full details
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16 January 201817:00

Seminar by Professor Andrew Martin (University of New South Wales) - title to be confirmed

Title and abstract to follow. Full details
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13 March 201813:00

Seminar by Professor Dongbo Zhang (University of Exeter) Cross-linguistic Perspectives on Reading Development

In this talk, I will discuss development of reading abilities from cross-linguistic perspectives. Print represents spoken language, which is a universal principle that holds across languages; yet how specifically different linguistic units are encoded in print vary from language to language. The similarities and variations in language-to-print mapping relationships suggest universal as well as language/script-specific processes in early reading development. Full details
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