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Primary & Secondary PGCE Applications 2017-18

UCAS Teacher Training is open for applications for the 2017-18 academic year.  Please click here to go to the UCAS Teacher Training website to find out which courses are open and how to submit your application (NOTE: we are now closed to new applications for Secondary PE but are currently accepting applications for all our other courses.  This includes Secondary History as NCTL have recently allocated us a few additional History places, meaning we have re-opened History to new applications).

We also have a range of School Direct provision in partnership with south west schools - please see our School Direct page for more details.

Once subjects start getting full and closed to new applications, please keep an eye on this website or follow us on twitter for updates (@exeterpartner) as some subjects may well re-open again if more applicants than anticipated decline our offer of a place or withdraw after receiving a place.

Professional Doctorates

Professional doctorates (EdD), equivalent in level to a PhD, suited to professionals aiming to link research closely to existing professional practice.