College events

On this page we list any forthcoming events relevant to the College of Social Sciences and International Studies. 

Any SSIS staff or postgrads may always attend, although registration may be required (the event will specify if so). Anyone else should contact the department or the centre in question.

We also have a listing of past events.

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1 June - 1 September 2017

"Return to Kurdistan" by Richard Wilding

Return to Kurdistan shows Iraqi Kurdistan and Northern Iraq in contemporary photographs by Richard Wilding, alongside historical photographs by Anthony Kersting. Full details
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30 June 20179:15

Collecting and Analysing Social Media Data

This workshop, taught by Prof. Robert Ackland (ANU and Uberlink), provides an introduction to social media analysis using the R package SocialMediaLab. The package provides an easy way to collect text and network data across multiple popular social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram). You will learn how to collect the data, analyse and visualize it, and generate different types of networks for analysis. Full details
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10 - 11 July 20179:00

2017 Exeter Gulf Conference - "Hegemonic Boundaries and Asymmetric Power in the Gulf"

In recent decades, scholarship on the Middle East has benefited from a dynamic approach to the relationship between identities and boundaries. The post-structural turn encouraged us to think beyond bounded communities to reveal the interconnections, exchanges and forms of relationality that cross and contest perceived cultural and national boundaries. More recently, the Arab revolutions brought our attention to discourses of liberation throughout the region along with collective challenges to hegemonic power and hopes for new moral communities. Full details
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18 July 201711:30

LEEP Seminar: Eliciting values for complex goods: community preferences for the marine environment

Managers and the general public may have different preferences for marine management. This implies that expert-driven planning approaches may not attract the necessary public support to achieve biodiversity objectives. To understand public preferences for management, we elicited spatially explicit non-market values for marine ecological features in South-East Queensland in Australia. Our survey revealed that the Queensland population has higher existence values for different habitat types; for example, sea grass areas were valued twice as much as inshore reef areas. Full details
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6 - 9 September 2017

EPSA17 - European Philosophy of Science Association Conference

Exeter will be hosting the 2017 conference. The conference will feature contributed papers, symposia, and posters covering all subfields of the philosophy of science, and will bring together a large number of philosophers of science from Europe and overseas. We are also welcoming philosophically minded scientists and investigators from other areas outside the philosophy of science, for example as participants in a symposium, and we particularly welcome submissions from women, ethnic minorities, and any other underrepresented group in the profession. Full details
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