Professor Anna Craft (10 December 1961 - 11 August 2014)

Academic Lead for Creativity, the Arts and Educational Futures (2007-2014)

Anna Craft memorial page

About us

CEEN is comprised of core and associate members that include academic staff based in the Graduate School of Education (GSE), doctoral students and a number of national and international affiliates. Current members already collaborate on a number of national and international research funded projects

Our aim is to grow and support an eclectic, open and flexible network of researchers and thinkers who mutually inspire each other. Underpinning our multiple perspectives is the idea of ‘plurilogicality’, which challenges dominant linear, ‘monological’ understandings conducted exclusively within one point of view or frame of reference. This stance positions much of our research as inter-disciplinary.

Interested parties (including students and staff from within and outside of the University of Exeter and from any discipline) are welcome to join CEEN. Please contact Dr Kerry Chappell or Dr Deborah Osberg for further details.

Dr Kerry Chappell  Core member and network co-lead
Dr Deborah Osberg Core member and network co-lead
Dr Sarah Chave Core member (Honorary)
Dr Fran Martin  Core member (Honorary)
Dr Thomas Ralph Core member
Professor Justin Dillon Associate member

Dr Lindsay Hetherington

Associate member

Dr Hermione Ruck Keene

Associate member

Dr Salah Troudi 

Associate member 

Dr Anthony Wilson

Associate member

Patricia Angoy  
Oded Ben-Horin Head of Dept., Institute for Arts Education / Associate Professor
Deputy Chair, Center of Creativities, Arts and Science in Education (CASE)
Karen Chandler  Associate Professor, Practice Learning, Kingston University
Teresa Cremin Professor of Education (Literacy) at The Open University
Patrick Dillon  Visiting Professor, Philosophy, University of Eastern Finland
Katherine Evans  
Keri Facer Professor of Educational & Social Futures, University of Bristol
Maria Falkembach  
Vlad Glaveanu Associate Professor, Webster University Geneva
Karen Kenny  
Martin Levinson  Professor of Education, Bath Spa University
Fatima Pirbhai-Illich Professor, Language and Literacy Education, University of Regina
Manal Sabbah  
Alexander Schmoelz Department of Education at University of Vienna (Austria) 
Debbie E. Watson The Yet Project
Debbie Watson  Reader in Childhood Studies, University of Bristol 
Hen Wilkinson Director, Community Resolve 

Claire Van Rhyn

Royal College of Art