The Institute holds the Gulf Conference and a seminar and lecture series featuring distinguished scholars and public figures from the Islamic world and the West.

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19 September - 20 December 2019

From Damascus to Andalucia

The message from Adib Fattel from Damascus – conveyed to you through his paintings - is a message of love, peace, tolerance and the connections that bring us together. For Adib, the world is not East or West, Islamic, Christian or Jewish, nor is it black or white. For him the world is one world, multilayered, molded by history, coloured with diversity and made more beautiful with our rich cultural heritage — be it natural or man-made. Full details
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24 September - 24 October 201911:30

Centre for Islamic Archaeology seminar: Nathan Anderson - Excavations in Boeni Bay

Results from the 2019 Field Season at Kingany, Madagascar, and the Implications for Islamisation in the Mozambique Channel. Full details
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15 October 201911:30

Centre for Islamic Archaeology seminar: Hannah Parsons - The Commodification and Modification of Chinese Ceramics in East Africa (9th -17th Centuries):

Fieldwork findings from Ethiopia and the Zanzibar Archipelago, Tanzania, 2018-2019. Full details
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16 October 2019

Alternative Sources and Perspectives on Kuwait's History and Sociology

This workshop seeks to revisit the history of the processes of state- and nation-building, as seen through the eyes of those excluded or marginalized from the current tropes of studies on Kuwait. Full details
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16 October 201912:30

SWDTP Information Session

Gabriel Katz, Exeter's Institutional Academic Lead for the ESRC-funded South West Doctoral Training Programme (SWDTP), has organised an information session on the SWDTP PhD and MA Programs, scholarships and selection procedures. Full details
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16 October 201917:30

Dr Faiha Abdulhadi presents "Palestinian Women Rewriting History: The Political Participation of Palestinian Women since 1930s"

Faiha Abdulhadi, PhD, is a writer, poet, research consultant, community activist, and lecturer, in addition to a long life experience in various aspects of research, oral history, gender, and other issues of human interest. She is the founder and the Director General of Al Rowat for Studies and Research, Al Rowat (Narrators) seeks to accomplish a major goal: rewriting social history by focusing on the stories of marginalized groups and documenting people stories who witnessed relevant historic events. She has published 14 books in addition to various studies and articles. She is a member of the Palestinian National Council, the Palestinian Central Council, the deputy Commissioner General for the Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) in Palestine, and the regional coordinator of the Women Organization "Peace Women across the Globe (PWAG)". Full details
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17 October 201916:00

Dr Abdulrahman Alebrahim "Kuwait's Politics before Independence: The Role of the Balancing Powers"

Abdulrahman Alebrahim who is an independent researcher who received a PhD from the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter in 2017. Alebrahim’s primary interests include Gulf Studies, predominately culture and identity. His research has focused on the history of the Gulf, particularly Kuwait and Southern Iraq, and he has published chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles on these topics. In 2016, Alebrahim was awarded the State of Kuwait Prize for Historical and Archaeological Studies commending one of his academic publications. Full details
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22 October 201911:30

Centre for Islamic Archaeology seminar: Nick Tait - Local Ceramics from the Islamic Trade Centre of Harlaa, Eastern Ethiopia

Chronology, Connections and Islamisation in the Horn of Africa, 10th – 15th Centuries AD. Full details
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29 October 201913:00

When politics and diplomacy collide; the conflict spiral in the Cuban Missile Crisis 1962

An investigation into the conflicting interests and powerplay revealed in the behaviour of the main protagonists- USSR and USA. A brief overview of this dangerous incident will be provided, but the main focus will be an analysis of public versus private decisions. We'll look at the personal drives and motivations of key figures such as John F Kennedy and Nikita Khrushev and discover why was not all as it seemed... Full details
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6 November 201913:00

Data Analysis and visualisation with Python for Social Scientists

Building upon the basic introduction offered to Python in workshop 1, this workshop will cover exploratory data analysis, quantitative data analysis, and visualising data in Python and the Seaborn package. Full details
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8 November 201915:30

The case against perfection in the mean: Why it is time for an individualised approach to evidence for education

Analyses of educational interventions need to produce evidence that is relevant to specific groups of students. When a group is not the target population of an intervention, any analysis involving just that group is called subgroup analysis, which is often regarded as a statistical malpractice, as its findings are often underpowered, unreliable, prone to overinterpretation at best, or misleading at worst.. Full details
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8 November 201917:30

The Poetics of Kurdish Resistance

As a minority divided among four nation-states (Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria), Kurds have been subjected to various degrees of political and cultural suppression, at times amounting to genocide. Kurdish oral and written literature has been a key component of the Kurdish political struggle for recognition and freedom and the very site of resistance and remembrance throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. In this panel, academics from the Universities of Exeter and Swansea discuss paths of resistance in Kurdish literature by examining the role poetry, prose and songs in accompanying as well as inspiring the political movements and keeping the resistance alive. Full details
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3 December 201911:30

Centre for Islamic Archaeology seminar: Nur Efeoglu - The Representation of the Seljuk and Ottoman Past in British Museums

A Comparative Critical Evaluation of the Collections in the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Full details
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4 December 201913:00

Introduction to LaTex

LaTex is a document preparation system for high-quality typesetting that is used extensively in academia and elsewhere for technical and scientific documents. This workshop is aimed at those with little-to-no experience of LaTex, but who wish to develop a working understanding of it in order to produce high-quality documents. Full details
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10 December 201911:30

Centre for Islamic Archaeology seminar: Awet T. Araya - The Red Sea, East Africa, and the Gulf in The Islamic Period

Full details
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17 - 18 December 2019

Archaeological Perspectives on Conversion to Islam and Islamisation in Africa

Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th December 2019, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, UK. Full details
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10 - 11 January 202016:00

IOW-ARCH Indian Ocean World Archaeology Conference

We are in the process of establishing an annual or biennial research meeting/conference on the archaeology, material culture and heritage of the Indian Ocean (defined as from East Africa to Japan, including Australasia) from the first millennium BC to the contemporary era. The model is likely to be similar to the annual Islamic Archaeology Day at University College London, but lasting perhaps up to two-days and with the location moving between different academic host institutions. The first conference is being held at the Institute of Arab and Islamic studies (IAIS), University of Exeter, with financial sponsorship provided by the Centre for Islamic Archaeology. Full details
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