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Associate Professor William Gallois


Associate Professor of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean History, Director of Research

I am currently Director of Research at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies. In REF2014, we were rated as the top-ranked UK department in Arab, Middle East and Islamic Studies. We host one of the world's largest and strongest communities of doctoral and postdoctoral scholars in those areas and aspire to push the boundaries of interdisciplinary research on the Middle East and North Africa.

My own special interests are in the history of colonial North Africa and, more generally, relations between the European and Arab-Islamic worlds from the medieval period to the contemporary world. I aspire to produce work with and for subaltern communities, particularly in Algeria, and also publish widely in historical theory.

Details of my publications can be found under the 'research' tab here.

Many of my research papers can be read here:


Recent grant successes as PI include:

* an award of €78,080.65 by the Gerda Henkel Foundation for a two-year research project as part of their Special Programme on Islam, The Modern Nation State and Transnational Movements for a  project – ‘Forging ‘Algeria’: Constructions of national space and nationhood in Algeria, 1830-50’.

* an award of £95,000 from the Economic and Social Research Council as part of the Global Challenges Research Fund for Dr Billie-Jeanne Brownlee to study “The Micropolitics of Refugee Crisis Management: the case of Lebanon's Municipalities”.


I currently supervise and mentor a brilliant cohort of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers and welcome applications from across Middle East Studies:

Amira Toureche: Postcolonial history of Algeria and Rwanda

Hamdullah Baycar: Gulfi Self-Orientalisation

Baris Oktem*: Colonialism and the Refugee Crisis

Monica Ronchi: Histories of Psychiatric Repression in Algeria and Palestine

Ana Almuedo-Castillo: The Politics of Civil Marriage in Lebanon

Charlotte Sefton: Gender and Identity in the Sudanese Diaspora

Shenah Abdullah*: The History of Neoliberalism in the KRG

Yara Hawari*: The Memory Politics of the Nakba

Steve Nutt*: The Genealogy of Christian Zionist Colonialism

Jane Jackman*: Discursive Silencing in Debates on Israel-Palestine

Jihad Mashamoun*:  The Outsourcing of Political Dissent

Billie-Jeanne Brownlee: Lebanese Responses to the Syrian Refugee Crisis

* = co-supervision


Recent PhD successes include:

Endika Rodriguez Garcia*: Settler Colonial Demographics in Mandate Palestine


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