Photo of Dr Marc Jones

Dr Marc Jones


I received my BA in Journalism, Film and Broadcasting from Cardiff University in 2006, and a CASAW-funded MSc in Arab World Studies from the University of Durham in 2010.  I recently completed my PhD (funded by the AHRC/ESRC) in 2016 at Durham, where I wrote an interdisciplinary thesis on the history of political repression in Bahrain.  Driven by issues of social justice and a specific area interest in the Gulf, my research spans a number of topics, from de-democratization and revolutionary cultural production, to policing, digital authoritarianism and human rights.  I am particularly interested in strategies of control that affect people’s life chances in the service of elite power maintenance.  Prior to joining Exeter I won a Teach at Tuebingen award, and wrote and delivered an MA module in Gulf Politics at Tuebingen University’s Institute for Political Science. I spent much of my childhood in Bahrain, and have also lived elsewhere in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Syria.