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Mr Leslie McLoughlin


University Associate

Honorary Research Fellow

After studying Arabic at Durham University and the Middle East Centre for Arab Studies (MECAS) in Shemlan, Lebanon he became Director of Studies at MECAS between 1965-68 and 1970-75. 

He lectured in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Edinburgh University between 1969-70 and thereafter taught Arabic in the United States : Columbia University in 1969 and the University of Pennsylvania in 1970.

In 1987 he founded the MECAS Association which now numbers around 500 alumni , most of whom studied at MECAS .

He has lectured in Arabic in many Arabic countries.

He interpreted for HM The Queen and Her Majesty's Government from 1983-2009.

As a University Fellow in retirement at Exeter he is active in consultancy on the teaching of Arabic as a foreign language.

As a historian he has specialized in the history of Saudi Arabia after publishing a biography of the first King, "  Ibn Saud " , in 1993.



 2010   Confessions of an Arabic Interpreter , Motivate Publishing


 2002   In a Sea of Knowledge: BRITISH ARABISTS IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY , Ithaca Press               

 1995       IBN SAUD , Founder of a Kingdom, Macmillan

 1994       “A NEST OF SPIES.............?”  Alhani Press

Literary Translations

 1976       DEATH IN BEIRUT, from the Arabic of T.Y Awwad                                                                                     

 1995       AN APARTMENT CALLED FREEDOM, from the Arabic of Ghazi Algosaibli

 The Memoirs of Mustapha Ben Halim, former Libyan Prime Minister 

Books on the teaching of Arabic

1974-1988 published by  Librairie du Liban:

- A Course in Colloquial Arabic

- A Further  Course in Colloquial Arabic

- A Learner’s Dictionary of Classical Arabic Idioms etc., etc.             

 1981       LEVANTINE ARABIC,Routledge, (2nd ed. 2010)

 2011        Guide to Speech-making in Arabic , Exeter  ( Sent to all posts of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office)

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