Photo of Emeritus Professor Tim Niblock

Emeritus Professor Tim Niblock

BA in PPE (Oxon), Cert. des Hautes Etudes Europeenes (Bruges), PhD in Internat. Relations (Sussex)


Professor Emeritus

My research interests cover a wide range of areas related to the politics, economics and international relations of the Arab and Islamic worlds. Of central concern have been the political economy of the states of the Arab world, the international relations of the Middle Eastern region, the relations between Gulf countries and East /South Asian Countries, Islam and the state, and issues relating to civil society and democratisation in Arab and Islamic states. Most of my teaching in recent years has been at the postgraduate level, and the bulk of this has taken the form of PhD supervision. Geographically, my interests were strongest in North-East Africa at the start of my career, with a strong interest also in Iraq and Libya, but in recent years this has shifted towards the Arabian peninsula, and currently I am writing mostly on relations between Gulf countries and other Asian countries.

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