Dr Suha Taji-Farouki


Extension: 5250

Telephone: 01392 725250

Senior Lecturer in Modern Islam

My research focuses on modern Islamic thought in its diverse expressions, from Islamists to Islamic liberals and traditionalist-Sufis, and issues of authority and its contestation within and between them. I am currently completing a project on the legacy and shrine-complex of Ibn ‘Arabi in Damascus prior to the civil war, exploring local debates surrounding this among Sufis and between Sufis and their opponents. My next projects will examine aspects of the role of the ulama in the contemporary world, and the role of the prayer of blessing upon the Prophet Muhammad in Muslim-Sufi devotion and spirituality past and present.

My professional experience encompasses a wide range of consultancies and expert contributions, including expert witnessing; briefings of governmental agencies in the U.K. and abroad; advising Interfaith associations and NGOs, and serving on specialist journal editorial boards and publisher advisory boards.

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