Dr Catherine Dupré

Associate Professor, Director of Doctoral Studies


01392 725356

Amory 112

Catherine Dupré holds a PhD from the European University Institute. She is an Associate Professor of Comparative Constitutional Law, and currently the Director of Doctoral Studies for Law.

Research interests

Human Dignity in Europe (selected publications)

C Dupre, 'Le principe de dignite humaine: principe essentiel du droit du travail' (2016, Nov) Revue de Droit du Travail, 670

C Dupré, The Age of Dignity: Human Rights and Constitutionalism in Europe (Bloomsbury/Hart Publishing, 2015)

C Dupré, ‘Article 1: Human Dignity’ in T Hervey, S Peers, J Kenner and A Ward (eds.), A Commentary on the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights (Hart Publishing, 2014) 3-24

C Dupré, ‘Human Dignity in Europe: A Foundational Constitutional Principle’, (2013) 19(2) European Public Law, 319-340

C Dupré, ‘Dignity, Democracy, Civilisation’, 2013  Liverpool Law Review, 263-280

C Dupré, ‘Human Dignity: Rhetoric, Protection and Instrumentalisation’ in G A Toth (ed) Constitution for a Disunited Nation, Hungary’s New Fundamental Law (Central European University Press, 2012), 143-170

C Dupré, ‘Unlocking Human Dignity: Towards a Theory for the 21st Century’ 2 (2009) European Human Rights Law Review, pp. 190-206.

C Dupré, ‘What does dignity mean in a legal context?‘ The Guardian, 24 March 2011, by invitation

On constitutionalism (selected publications):

Research supervision

I am happy to supervise postgraduate research on most topics of comparative constitutional law with a European focus, and I have a special interest in human rights, human dignity, constitutional crises, constitutional justice and adjudication, constitutional reform and drafting, as well as ECHR law.

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