Dr Catherine Dupré

Associate Professor, Director of Doctoral Studies


01392 725356

Amory 112

Catherine Dupré is a comparatist who specialises in human rights and constitutionalism in Europe. Her first monograph – Importing the Law in Post-Communist Transitions, the Hungarian Constitutional Court and the Right to Human Dignity (Hart Publishing 2003) – has remained an international point of reference since its publication in 2003. Her current project focuses on the concept of human dignity in European constitutionalism, its uses by judges and its role as a foundation of democracy and human rights. Her second monograph - The Age of Dignity: Human Rights and Constitutionalism in Europe (Bloomsbury/Hart Publishing 2015) - crowns many years of research and positions her as one of the frontrunners in this field at the international level.

Her recent publications reflect her critical and theoretical engagement with constitutionalism and democracy across Europe, such as the 2010/2011 Hungarian Fundamental Law and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. She is particularly interested in constitutional justice, adjudication of human rights and in the connections between human dignity and democracy, particularly in time of crisis and reform.

A committed comparatist and European, she trained in Lyon, Montpellier, Heidelberg and at the European University Institute in Florence where she obtained her PhD with special commendation. She has also learned many languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish and Hungarian) which give her first-hand access to a number of continental constitutional orders and related scholarship.

Her research on European constitutionalism brings together ECHR law, EU law and comparative constitutional law in critical and innovative way. She teaches ECHR law as well as a range of research led-options on human dignity and human rights in the EU.

Research interests

Human Dignity in Europe

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On constitutionalism:

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Post-communist transition and constitutional justice:

C Dupré, Importing the Law in Post-Communist Transitions: The Hungarian Constitutional Court and the Right to Human Dignity, (Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2003)