Dr Radek Stech

Lecturer, Founder of SFLS Network


01392 725350

Amory 104J


Founder and the CEO of SFLS.

Sustainable finance, the law and stakeholders (SFLS) research project and network

Upcoming Member of the ESRC Peer Review College 


SFLS Network is recognised by and has support from the central University. SFLS was developed independently during the recent Law School transition and remains independent from other groupings, networks and research centres at Exeter. SFLS will have its own website soon. 

Radek has an ESRC funded PhD from the ESRC funded BRASS Research Centre at Cardiff University (approx. £50000) and is specialising in sustainable development (see below). He is a founder of the SFLS Network. His previous external funding for socio-legal empirical research includes: the Welsh Government (£33000), the US Chamber of Commerce (£15000), the WWF UK (£5000) and the Environmental Law Foundation (£2000, jointly with the UK Human Rights Commission). Radek also sourced finance (eg. EU Media) at Warsaw's TOR Film Studio and he has recently helped a student getting a highly prestigious Freshfields Stephen Lawrence scholarship. Radek also reviewed high level research proposals for the ESRC and the US National Science Foundation; he reviewed a high level report (before the official publication) for the EU Committee of the Regions. Radek is an editor of the European Papers and acted as an external editor for the Journal of Business Law (on banking), a reviewer for the Oxford University Press (banking) and a news editor for the Journal of Law and Society (interdisciplinary). He was a visiting scholar at GW Washington, DC and in the World Bank. He has also trained prospective judges of the Astana International Finance Centre and acted as an external PhD examiner on a finance/environment theme.

His previous socio-legal research (on costs barriers to justice) was launched in the House of Lords (2010), published by the UNECE and referred by the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee. It has also been cited by academics, organisations, and the media and featured by the ESRC (Britain's in 2011) and submitted to REF 2014 at Exeter Law School. He has experience of working in a consulting environment: for Irwin Mitchell Solicitors (2009), Environmental Law Foundation (2009-2010), Marrons Solicitors (2011-12) and Clyde & Co (2013-2014).

Between 2012 and 2013, he worked as a Senior Evidence Analyst in the Welsh Government, where he was developing, through policy and legal instructions, the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

In 2013, Radek received a formal (and financial) award for 'exceptional performance' from Cardiff University. He was also assessed as a 'strong performer' by the Welsh Government. Given his overall experience, Radek's approach to researching and teaching law is inescapably creative, interdisciplinary, commercially informed and solution-focused.


Stech R, (in final prep 2018) 'Sustainable finance, the law and stakeholders: trust and social movements' 

Stech R (In final prep, 2018) 'Sustainable finance, the law and stakeholders: introducing the investmentopportunity structure'

Lee RG, Stech, R.  (2018). Compensation for Damage caused by Nuclear Installations: the Revised Liability Regime. International Journal of Law in the Built Environment

Stech R (2013). Legislation and Policy: a carrot and stick approach? an analysis of the UK Government’s proposals on environmental judicial review. Environmental Law Review, 15(2), 139-151.

Stech R (2013). Poking the hornet's nest: an analysis of EU proposals on the cap on bankers' bonuses. Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation, 28(9), 363-367.

Stech R (2013). Think before you act: the sustainable development white paper in wales. Journal of Environmental Law, 25(1), 137-144.  Abstract.

Stech R (2012). Sustainable Development Bill for Wales. Environmental Law Monthly, 21(12), 3-5.


Stech R (2014). Standards of High Speed Railway. In  (Ed) SAGE Encyclopedia of Transportation: Social Science and Policy,

Stech R (2014). ‘Energy Policy Act of 1992’. In Garrett M (Ed) Encyclopedia of Transportation. Social Science and Policy, SAGE

Kim H, Stech R (2012). Greening the Korean stacks through lessons from the EU Emissions Trading System: a socio-legal analysis. In Vazquez-Brust D, Sarkis J (Eds.) Green Growth: Managing the Transition to a Sustainable Economy. Learning by doing in East Asia and Europe,

Lee RG, Stech R (2011). Access to Environmental Justice in England and Wales: Funding Representation for Court Reviews of Administrative Action. In Steele J, Boom WV (Eds.) Mass Justice, Edward Elgar Publishing  Abstract.

Stech R (2009). Environmental Information, Participation and Citizen Activity: Case Studies from Poland and the UK. In  (Ed) Connected Accountabilities: Environmental Justice and Global Citizenship, Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press

Reports/Media/Book reviews/Impact

Stech R (2017). “Investment Opportunities for Communities” Mundo Empressarial p. 9

• Welsh Government (2012) 'A Sustainable Wales: Better Choices for a Better Future' (White Paper) (Acknowledged significant contribution to research, development and drafting)



• Welsh Government (2012) 'Sustainable Development Bill White Paper - Equality Impact Assessment'
(Acknowledged significant contribution to research and drafting)

• Stech, R. (2012) ‘Business Perceptions of UK Environmental Legislation"’ (Report), UKELA, BRASS, King's College London, Cardiff-London (May 2012)

• UKELA/BRASS/King's College London (2012) ‘The State of UK Environmental Law in 2011 - 2012: Is there a case for legislative reform?’ (Report), UKELA, BRASS, King's College London, Cardiff-London (May 2012) (Contributed by 'Business Perceptions' report)


• Stech, R (2011) 'Is Environmental Justice Being Served?' ESRC Britain in 2011 (p. 59)

Stech R (2013). Climate Change Liability: Transnational Law and Practice. Edited by Richard Lord, Silke Goldberg, Lavanya Rajamani and Jutta Brunnée [Book Review]. Journal of Environmental Law, 25(1), 168-171.

• Stech, R (2010) ‘Human Rights and the Environment: Understanding Your Right to a Healthy Environment’ (Guide), Environmental Law Foundation, London (funded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission)

•Stech, R, Lee, R.G., Tripley, D. (2010) ‘Costs Barriers to Environmental Justice’ (Report), Environmental Law Foundation, Allen & Overy, London (officially launched in the House of Lords)


• Stech, R, et. all. (2008) ‘A policy analysis on the European Commission' Proposal for the Revision of the Eco-Iabel and the EMAS Regulations’ (Internal EU Policy Analysis), EU Committee of the Regions, Brussels (acknowledged/internal

• Stech, R, et. all. (2008) 'Green Paper on agricultural product quality: product standards, farming requirements and quality schemes' (Internal EU Policy Analysis), EU Committee of the Regions, Brussels (acknowledged/internal)


External impact and engagement

Invited talks and own initiatives:

Stech, R. Sustainable Finance, the Law and Stakeholders (SFLS) independent network and research project - from 2015 - onwards - More information on this - click here

Stech, R. (with internal and global partners) as Director of Prizes, Bursaries and Scholarships, Radek is developing culture of prizes and scholarships at Exeter Law School - More information on this - click here

Stech, R. “SD requirements and duties across the UK Central Government – is there a need for further research and reform? The UK Government Cross-Whitehall Sustainable Development Group, London (Home Office), November, the 17th 2014

Charles, H., Stech, R. “Forthcoming Sustainable Development Bill” Welsh Government Away Day, Cardiff (June, the 19th, 2012)

Stech, R., Lee, R. G. (2012) ‘Business Perceptions of UK Environmental Legislation"’ Launch of the report, King's College London, May 2012

Session chaired by Lord Justice Carnwath


Stech, R. “Empowerment tools for disengaged communities” ELF Regional Volunteer Co-ordinator Third Training Day Sustainable Communities Project, Allen & Overy, London (October, the 15th 2009)

Stech, R. “Tools and Techniques for More Effective Participation in the Planning Process”, ELF Human Rights and Environment event, The Cameron Centre, Cameron Walk, Lockleaze, Bristol (November, the 12th 2010) (Keynote speaker – Charlotte Leslie, Member of Parliament for Bristol North West)

Stech, R., Lee, R.G., Tripley, D. (2010) ‘Costs Barriers to Environmental Justice’ (Report), Environmental Law Foundation, Allen & Overy, London

Foreword by Lord Justice Woolf, officially launched in the House of Lords in January 2010


Collaborator, International Economic Forum, Krynica, Poland (2010-2012)

Participant Researcher, Aarhus Convention (Third Meeting of the Parties), Riga, Latvia, 2008

Observer, Researcher, Photographer - Orange Revolution, Kiev and Lviv, Ukraine (2004)

Featured on TV


Founder and Organiser, Krzysztof Kieslowski Film Festival - overall responsibility for finance and collaboration with the Polish National TV and other key stakeholders (2004)

Leader, EU Debate (famously founded by Professor Konstanty Adam Wojtaszczyk), Pultusk, Poland (2003-2004)

Featured on regional TV

Modules taught


Radek has a BA (Hons) and MA (First) in Politics/European Studies from Poland (Pultusk Academy of Humanities); Cert.HE. (Oxford), and an LLM (funded by the Cooperative Bank’s Career Development Loan), and an ESRC funded PhD in Law (Cardiff, ESRC BRASS Research Centre). Previously, he taught EU, Environmental and Commercial Law (Project Finance/Banking/Competition Law/Contract) at Cardiff Law School and the London’s City Law School (2010-2014).

In 2003/2004, Radek worked on attracting EU funding for new movies in the Oscar nominated (for Three Colours: Red) and intellectually charged Warsaw's TOR Film Production. He was also an individual student of Director Krzysztof Zanussi and contributed to producing 'The Welts' - the winner of Grand Prix Golden Lions at Gdynia Film Festival in 2004.  He held a short internship in Oxford's Turpin & Miller Solicitors (2006) and was a Stagiaire in the European Union Committee of the Regions (2008). Between 2012 and 2013, he worked as a Senior Evidence Analyst in the Welsh Government, where he was developing, through policy and legal instructions, the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. He played a key role in joint research projects for the US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform (on litigation funding), WWF UK (on UK SD duties) and the United Kingdom Environmental Law Association (on business and the environment).