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Dr Ghassan Khatib

Honorary Research Fellow

Ghassan Khatib is currently a lecturer of Cultural Studies at Birzeit University (BZU). He has served as Director of Government Media Center in 2009-2012 and the Palestinian Minister of Labor in 2002 and Minister of Planning in 2005 - 2006. Khatib was Vice-President for community outreach and lecturer of Contemporary Arab Studies at Birzeit University in 2006-2009, and was founder and Director of the Jerusalem Media and Communication Center, which specializes in research, opinion polling and media activities. He was a member of the Palestinian delegation for the Madrid Middle East Peace Conference in 1991 and the subsequent bilateral negotiations in Washington from 1991-93. Khatib was co-founded and co-directed, a Palestinian-Israeli internet-based political magazine. He was member of the Joint Working Group on Israel-Palestine Relations at Weatherhead Center for International Affairs of Harvard University, USA. Khatib holds a PhD in Middle East politics from the University of Durham, and author of: Palestinian Politics and the Middle East Peace Process: consensus and competition in the Palestinian negotiation team.

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