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29 January 20219:00

Philosophy of Coordination

As a follow-up to the workshop held in Nijmegen in Nov 2018, Egenis, The Centre for the study of Life Sciences at University of Exeter and the Philosophy of Mind and Language group at Radboud University Nijmegen are organising a small online workshop on the Philosophy of Coordination on Friday January 29th 2021. Full details
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8 February 202115:30

EGENIS seminar: "The Politics of Scientific Pluralism in Global Perspective" Dr David Ludwig (Wageningen University & Research)

Abstract and joining details to follow. Full details
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15 February 202115:30

EGENIS seminar: Book Launch: 'The Rise of Autism: Risk and Resistance in the Age of Diagnosis' Dr Ginny Russell (University of Exeter)

Abstract and joining details to follow. Full details
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22 February 202115:30

EGENIS seminar: "Data through time: Figuring out the narrative self in longitudinal research" Prof Jane Elliott (University of Exeter)

This paper will explore the ways in which individuals can be obscured and revealed through the practices of longitudinal social research. In particular it will juxtapose qualitative and quantitative data from the 1958 British Birth Cohort study (which has followed thousands of individuals from their birth in 1958 through childhood and adult life) in order to consider the ways in which different approaches to research can reinforce or disrupt narrative conceptions of the self. It will also discuss the opportunities and challenges for longitudinal research provided by new practices of self-tracking e.g. using apps and wearable devices made possible following the digital revolution. Full details
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5 March 202114:00

Towards Responsible Plant Data Linkage: Global Challenges for Food Security and Governance - Introduction & Session 1: Experiences from The Trenches

How is data managed in practice? To start the workshop, this session will discuss case studies of plant data use and linkage in the context of particular research projects and breeding programs, drawn from contemporary experience as well as historical research. Consideration of these cases will ground the thematic discussion of the following sessions, and provide an opportunity to reflect on the practical dimensions of the various challenges of data linkage and their solutions. This session will also begin with a general introduction to the online workshop goals and format by the organisers. Full details
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8 March 202115:30

EGENIS seminar: "AI Extenders and the Ethics of Mental Health" Dr Karina Vold (University of Toronto)

The extended mind thesis maintains that the functional contributions of tools and artefacts can become so essential for our cognition that they can be constitutive parts of our minds. In other words, our tools can be on a par with our brains: our minds and cognitive processes can literally ‘extend’ into the tools. Several extended mind theorists have argued that this ‘extended’ view of the mind offers unique insights into how we understand, assess, and treat certain cognitive conditions. In this chapter we suggest that using AI extenders, i.e., tightly coupled cognitive extenders that are imbued with machine learning and other ‘artificially intelligent’ tools, presents both new ethical challenges and opportunities for mental health. We focus on several mental health conditions that can develop differently by the use of AI extenders for people with cognitive disorders and then discuss some of the related opportunities and challenges. Full details
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12 March 202114:00

Towards Responsible Plant Data Linkage: Global Challenges for Food Security and Governance - Session 2: Technical Challenges of Data Linkage

Making plant data FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) has been the subject of much effort. Extensive semantic tools are now available, including the multiple, intersecting ontologies that comprise the Planteome project, as are metadata standards such as the Minimum Information About a Plant Phenotyping Experiment (MIAPPE). Such tools nevertheless require collective work to develop and maintain. Beyond ensuring data themselves are FAIR, actively linking and circulating data poses further challenges. These include finding ways to link biologically, experimentally or geographically related yet heterogeneous datasets consistently, and to make data usable in practice to potential users with divergent aims and resources, not only reusable in theory. This session will address the technical challenges of data linkage, including the development of standards and infrastructures; epistemic issues; and the organizational requirements of this work.. Full details
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15 March 202115:30

EGENIS seminar: "Hard Knock Life: Concussion, Dementia and Sport" Dr Greg Hollin (University of Leeds)

Abstract and joining details to follow. Full details
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19 March 202114:00

Towards Responsible Plant Data Linkage: Global Challenges for Food Security and Governance - Session 3: Governance Challenges of Data Linkage

New flows and intersections of big data from -omics research in plant science, including field-based phenomics as well as genomics, to various types of socioeconomic and environmental data, pose distinct challenges for governance. Data access and ownership for the common good and/or scientific advancement remain areas of considerable contestation, especially given the distinctive intellectual property landscape of plant science, which is marked by the predominance of transnational corporations on the one hand and regimes of national sovereignty on the other. Moreover, longstanding challenges of implementing Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) schemes in regard to biological materials are renewed by the increasing availability of digital data, while the integration of biological with socioeconomic data raises new questions of privacy. This session will address these and other governmental issues raised by plant data linkage, from open science policy through legal and political regulation. Full details
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22 March 202115:30

EGENIS seminar: Exploring the Easter E.g. - Shifting Baselines and Changing Perceptions of Cultural and Biological "Aliens" Prof Naomi Sykes (University of Exeter)

Very little of what we see around us in Britain today can be classed as 'native'. When the sea cut off the island from the rest of the continent (c. 8,000 years ago) the flora, fauna and human population were very different. Over millennia, Britain's ecology and culture have been transformed. Change has been the only constant, with population movements being responsible for the island's unique bio-cultural heritage. Full details
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26 March 202114:00

Towards Responsible Plant Data Linkage: Global Challenges for Food Security and Governance - Session 4 & Conclusion: Social challenges of data linkage

The social implications of plant and agricultural biotechnologies have been the focus of much debate in recent decades. Data production, sharing and linkage raise new issues concerning the inclusion of diverse stakeholders and ensuring that data works for them, practically and equitably. Building plural knowledges into plant data infrastructures, through the inclusion of practical and traditional knowledge from farmers and breeders, the recognition of diverse (e.g. gendered, but also professional) expertise and the implementation of multilingual systems, will be an important facet in establishing the relevance of those infrastructures to a wide range of stakeholders. Ensuring that global circulations of plant data are fair as well as FAIR, moreover, requires sustained attention to the distribution of scientific and computing resources that facilitate access to and effective use of data resources. Throughout all of this, ensuring that key subjects of food security and end-users of data. Full details
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4 May 202116:30

GSE Lecture Series - Associate Professor Sam Friedman (London School of Economics)

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5 - 7 May 2021

Philosophy of Plant Biology Workshop

Organisers: Özlem Yilmaz and John Dupré. Full details
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17 May 202115:30

EGENIS seminar: Prof Judith Green (University of Exeter)

Title, abstract and joining details to follow. Full details
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