Dr Nicole-Kerstin Baur

Research Interests

Remembering the Mental Hospital (HLF, £40,900, 2015-2017)

I am the principal investigator on ‘Remembering the Mental Hospital’, a project aiming to create a digital archive of the former Devon County Mental Hospital. I direct a team of volunteers who catalogue surviving correspondence, press cuttings as well as personal memories, experiences and stories of individuals affiliated with the Hospital. A team of creative and performance artists are working towards making the contents of these items available to the general public.

This project has grown out of my previous work on the Devon County Mental Hospital. This started with the pilot project ‘Assessment of Exeter Partnership NHS Trust Records’ (2007), which led to the research projects ‘Retrieving and preserving modern mental health records’ (2008-2009) and ‘Mental illness and returning patient care in the early National Health Service: A comparative study of the admission and treatment of multiple entry patients in English Mental Hospitals, c. 1948-1970’ (2010-2012).


Towards harmonised ethical standards (EU, 2014-2017)

Since 2014 I have also been employed as a researcher on the project ‘Towards harmonised ethical standards’, a sociological subproject of the multinational clinical trial BAMI. With Principal Investigator Professor Christine Hauskeller I am investigating the effects of harmonised European regulation on the implementation of a phase III clinical trial across eleven European countries. I presented preliminary findings of our subproject at the Bionetworking conference at Brighton University and Professor Hauskeller and I are currently producing several co-authored journal articles and book chapters to be published in 2016-7.


Spaces of the Mind (HASS Strategy Fund, 2013-2014)

In this pilot project I supported Principal Investigator Dr Natasha Lushetich in her work towards a better understanding of the relationship between affect and space, i.e. the manner in which individual structures of feeling shape common spaces and vice versa. We worked closely with Bethlem Royal Hospital in London, where I created a digital archive of oral histories with patients and staff. We presented preliminary findings in a co-authored paper at the 'Alternative Psychiatric Narratives' workshop at Birkbeck in May 2014.


This weather always gets me down (ISSF, £15,639, 2012)

I was the Principal Investigator on ‘This weather always gets me down’, a six-month pilot project to study links between meteorological parameters and mental illness. Findings were disseminated in a poster presentation at the Medical Research Showcase Event in January 2013.

Research collaborations

All projects had a strong interdisciplinary component in design and methodologies and I have collaborated with the following bodies:

BioMed Hub (Exeter University)

Devon Partnership NHS Trust

Met Office

Devon Heritage Centre

Gloucestershire Record Office

Research Supervision

I am happy to supervise students who are interested in working on mental health topics.