Dr Alexey Bessudnov

Research Interests

My research interests are in the fields of social stratification, inequalities in education, immigration, and quantitative social science in general. Social stratification is my main field, but occassionally I work on projects and co-author papers in other disciplines. 

Current projects

  • "Ethnic hierarchy in the Russian labour market". Together with Andrey Shcherbak from the HSE St Petersburg we conduct the first audit study of ethnic discrimination in the Russian labour market. We have sent over 9,000 job applications in four Russian cities to explore the differences in response rates across 10 ethnic groups. The data collection finished in January 2018 and we are currently analysing the data and writing up the results. The project has been supported by the British Academy and the HSE. Please see a presentation with the preliminary results (January 2018) here.
  • "The effect of academisation on educational trajectories of children with special needs in England". Together with Alison Black, Brahm Norwich and Yi Liu we are analysing data from the National Pupil Database to study educational trajectories of children with special educational needs in English schools. In particular, we are interested whether converting schools to academies has affected placements of children with SEN. The project has been funded by the ESRC.
  • "Ethnic intermarriage in Russia". I use data from the Russian census to look at the ethnic intermarriage in Russia across several cohorts and regions. Please see a (somewhat outdated) presentation here.