Dr Louise Bezuidenhout

Other Information

Book chapters

Rappert, B. and Bezuidenhout, L. (2010) Lessons for moving ahead, in  Rappert B. (ed), Education and Ethics in the Life Sciences, Canberra: Australian National University Press.



Bezuidenhout, L. (2013).  Dual-use issues and life science research in developing countries in Rappert, B., Selgelid, M. (eds) On the Dual Uses of Science and Ethics.  Canberra: Australian National University Press



Journal articles

Shabani, M., Bezuidenhout, L., Borry, P. (2014). Attitudes of research participants and the general public towards genomic data sharing: A systematic literature review. Expert Reviews in Molecular Diagnostics. Publication data 2014/09/26.



Bezuidenhout, L., Gould, C. (2014). Winning the battle against emerging pathogens: a South African response. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 70: 10 – 13.



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Edwards, B., Revill, J., Bezuidenhout, L. (2013).  From cases to capacity? A critical reflection on the role of “ethical dilemmas” in the development of dual-use governance.  Science and Engineering Ethics, 20(2): 1 – 12.



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Bezuidenhout, L. (2010).  Beyond Biosecurity: the Principle of Dual-Use, African Biological Safety Association E pub, June 2010


Bezuidenhout, L. (2010).  Commentary on the African Biological Safety Association Inaugural Meeting. South African Journal of Science, 106 (5/6): 4



Commentary in Mail and Guardian: http://mg.co.za/article/2010-06-14-sa-researchers-notably-absent-at-biosafety-launch


Bezuidenhout, L. Borry, P. (2009).  Examining the role of informal interpretation in medical interviews.  Journal of Medical Ethics, 35: 159 – 162



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Online Encylopedia Entry

Bezuidenhout, L. and Rappert, B. (2012).  Dual-use Research.  Entry in Ethics CORE: A Collaborative Online Resource Environment http://nationalethicscenter.org/coreissues


Roundtable Discussions and Online Opinion Pieces

Three roundtable discussion pieces with Chandre Gould for the Development and Disarmament Roundtable: How to Confront Emerging Pathogens in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (2014). http://thebulletin.org/how-confront-emerging-pathogens7032


Developing Countries and the Dual-Use Debate – Why All the Fuss? (2013) for Biochem Security 2030.



Other publications

Bezuidenhout, L. (2013). Country Report: South Africa in Walter, G., Whitby, S. (eds) BioWeapons Monitor 2013. BioWeapons Prevention Project.



Academic publications


Bezuidenhout, L. (2007) Angiopoietin-2 and Platelet-derived Growth factor-BB Cooperatively Stimulate Human Peripheral Blood Monocyte Fibinolysis (PhD thesis, University of Cape Town, South Africa). Available in print from university or from author.


Bezuidenhout, L. (2013).  Contextuality in Life Science Ethics: Dual-Use as a Case Study (PhD thesis, University of Exeter, South Africa).  Soon to be available online at Open Research Exeter.


In Press

Bezuidenhout, L. (accepted 07/2013). Virtue Ethics as a Tool for Dual-Use Education Monograph for Wellcome Trust Project Building Sustainable Capacity in Dual-Use Bioethics.