Dr Louise Bezuidenhout

Research Interests

At the moment I am working on a Leverhulme project entitled "Beyond the Digital Divide: Data Sharing and Developing Countries".  Together with Brian Rappert, Sabina Leonelli and Ann Kelly I am looking at ways in which scientists in developing countries - for practical and philosophical reasons - continue to struggle to fully exploit the online resources that are increasingly becoming available due to the push towards Open Science.


For more information on the project please contact me directly or visit the project website at http://devworlddatasharing.weebly.com.  From mid-2014 to mid-2015 I will be conducting fieldwork in a number of sub-Saharan African laboratories, so please keep checking the website for updates!


I also continue to be interested in other issues relating to the governance of the life scientists, cross-national collaborative research in the life sciences, ethics discourse in the life sciences and the notion of "responsible science".  All of these interests are focused on research in developing countries.