Dr Julien Dugnoille


Senior Lecturer (Anthropology)

OFFICE HOURS: Term 1 - Friday 1.30-3.30pm / Term 2 - TBD / Term 3 - By appointment only

OFFICE: My office hours take place in the Tower room

I received my PhD in Anthropology from the University of Oxford. In the past 7 years, I have explored how Koreans struggle to make sense of the tension between the emergence of animal welfare and the perpetuation of traditional health behaviours that involve animal processing. I have analysed a variety of discourses produced by both Korean and non-Korean, academic and non-academic stakeholders on cat and dog meat consumption, in order to reveal the on-going tension between these powerful ubiquitous ideas and the lived experience of Koreans today. My research reveals how the aesthetics of cruelty and empathy is employed to singularize livestock into companion animals thereby transgressing cultural taboos regarding Western ethics of species separation. It thus contributes to key anthropological debates about the cross-cultural circulation and cross-fertilisation of moral values and its impact on the ethics of post-domestic and post-industrial human-animal interactions. It also questions the influence of policymaking, at both national and international levels, on applied animal ethics, cultural stigmatization and the reinforcement of national sentiment.




  • Co-investigator, Exeter Anthrozoology and Symbiotic Ethics (EASE) (withdrawn)
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Musée du quai Branly (declined)
  • Bronze Award, Above and Beyond recognition scheme (Excellence in teaching) University of Exeter
  • Korea Foundation PhD Fellowship, University of Oxford (research only)
  • Fulbright IIE Fellowship, The University of Chicago (research only)
  • Research Grants Academy of Korean Studies (research only)
  • Junior Scholar Paper Prize 6th World Congress of Korean Studies
  • School of Anthropology & Museum Ethnography 3-year PhD Scholarship, University of Oxford
  • Philip Bagby Fund Award for Fieldwork in Korea Oxon
  • School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) Korean Language Course Funding
  • Oxford University Alumni Society Award for Volunteering Work in India, University of Oxford
  • Bourse au mérite (Academic Merit Scholarship) in Philosophy Sorbonne
  • Erasmus - LLP Scholarship
  • Mention Très bien (Top of Class for 4 years in a row) for Maîtrise (BA Hons) in Philosophy Sorbonne


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