Photo of Dr Anne Sophie Meincke (Spann)

Dr Anne Sophie Meincke (Spann)


Research Fellow

I am working at the intersection of metaphysics (broadly construed) and philosophy of biology. My main focus is on developing a comprehensive bio-processual metaphysics of the human person that acknowledges the fact that human persons are organisms and, i.e., stabilised higher-order biological processes. I want to show that a bio-processual perspective sheds new light on old metaphysical problems such as identity over time, agency and free will. This will eventually contribute to a more appropriate general metaphysical picture of the world, including scientifically-informed concepts of life, causation and time.

Together with John Dupré, I won the 2015/16 conference grant of the Institute of Philosophy in London. In June 2016, we organised a conference on "Biological Identity" which brought together metaphysicians and philosophers of biology. There are podcasts of some of the talks online.

In 2014, I have been awarded the city of Innsbruck's annual prize for scientific research.

I am a reviewer for Philosophical Studies, Syntheseratio, The Journal of Philosophical Research, History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences and Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences.

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And don't forget to have a look at my recent monograph on personal identity which brings together the debate on personal identity within 'analytic' metaphysics on the one hand and the 'continental' philosophy of the person on the other:  "Auf dem Kamplatz der Metaphysik. Kritische Studien zur transtemporalen Identität von Personen" ("On the Battlefield of Metaphysics. Critical Studies on the Transtemporal Identity of Persons"), Münster: Mentis, July 2015.

I am currently preparing an edited volume on "Dispositionalism. Perspectives from Metaphysics and the Philosophy of Science" which will appear in Springer's Synthese Library book series.

My forthcoming articles include: 

  • Meincke, A. S.: “Persons as Biological Processes. A Bio-processual Way-out of the Personal Identity Dilemma”, in: Everything Flows. Towards a Processual Philosophy of Biology, ed. by D. Nicholson & J. A. Dupré, Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming.
  • Meincke, A. S.: “Bio-Agency and the Possibility of Artificial Agents”, in: Philosophy of Science - Between the Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences, and the Humanities. Proceedings of the 2016 conference of the German Society of Philosophy of Science, ed. by G. Schurz. Dordrecht: Springer (European Philosophy of Science Association Series), forthcoming.
  • Meincke, A. S.: "How to stay the same while changing. Personal Identity as a Test Case for Reconciling 'Analytic' and 'Continental' Philosophy Through Process Ontology", in: Analytic-Bridge-Continental + (ABC+) Process Philosophy, ed. by R. Booth, Berlin et al.: de Gruyter, forthcoming.