Photo of Dr Anne Sophie Meincke (Spann)

Dr Anne Sophie Meincke (Spann)


Research Fellow

I am working at the intersection of metaphysics (broadly construed) and philosophy of biology. My main focus is on developing a comprehensive bio-processual metaphysics of the human person that acknowledges the fact that human persons are organisms and, i.e., stabilised higher-order biological processes. I want to show that a bio-processual perspective sheds new light on old metaphysical problems such as identity over time, agency and free will. This will eventually contribute to a more appropriate general metaphysical picture of the world, including scientifically-informed concepts of life, causation and time.

Together with John Dupré, I won the 2015/16 conference grant of the Institute of Philosophy in London. In June 2016, we organised a conference on "Biological Identity" which brought together metaphysicians and philosophers of biology. There are podcasts of some of the talks online. We are now preparing a collected volume, entitled "Biological Identity", that will contain the conference papers and some more papers. The volume will appear in Routledge's "History and Philosophy of Biology" book series.

In 2014, I have been awarded the city of Innsbruck's annual prize for scientific research.

I am a reviewer for Philosophical Studies, Syntheseratio, ErkenntnisThe Journal of Philosophical Research, History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences and Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences.

My latest publication is: “Bio-Agency and the Possibility of Artificial Agents”, in: Philosophy of Science - Between the Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences, and the Humanities, ed. by A. Christian et al., Dordrecht: Springer (European Philosophy of Science Association Series), 65-93.

My forthcoming publications include: 

  • “Persons as Biological Processes. A Bio-processual Way-out of the Personal Identity Dilemma”, in: Everything Flows. Towards a Processual Philosophy of Biology, ed. by D. Nicholson & J. A. Dupré, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • "How to stay the same while changing. Personal Identity as a Test Case for Reconciling 'Analytic' and 'Continental' Philosophy Through Process Ontology", in: Analytic-Bridge-Continental + (ABC+) Process Philosophy, ed. by R. Booth, Berlin et al.: de Gruyter.
  • (Ed.) "Dispositionalism. Perspectives from Metaphysics and the Philosophy of Science", Synthese Library, Dordrecht: Springer.

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Finally, do not forget to have a look at my monograph on personal identity: "Auf dem Kamplatz der Metaphysik. Kritische Studien zur transtemporalen Identität von Personen" ("On the Battlefield of Metaphysics. Critical Studies on the Transtemporal Identity of Persons"), Münster: Mentis, July 2015.