Photo of Professor Lenny Moss

Professor Lenny Moss

PhD, Berkeley (Biochemistry); PhD, Northwestern (Philosophy)


Extension: 3279

Telephone: 01392 723279

Associate Professor


OFFICE HOURS:  M 11-12, Thur 13:00-14:00

My office is Amory 319.  The best way to contact me is by email (not by office phone).  



Along with Kant I think that at root all of philosophy is 'Philosohical Anthropology' and that 'human nature' is an on-going normative project to be realized in history. From the point of view of an 'anthropological optic' I see a principal divide in philosophy following Kant along the lines of those for whom philosophy continues to be about some form of human (or greater) self-realization and those for whom epistemic certainty, or at least security, devoid of any reference to subjectivity, comes to serve as a kind of unreflective compensation for the vagaries of human existence. My work aspires to be a continuation of the former enterprise.  My research extends from theoretical and conceptual studies in biology and the human sciences (and the philosophy of science in general) to normative/critical studies in social theory with the overall intention of bringing these together as contributions to an anthropologically informed Critical Theory and a new empirically and phenomenologically friendly 'critical' metaphysics.