Dr Ernesto Schwartz-Marin


Lecturer (Sociology)


I am a Science and Technology Studies scholar working in the fields of biomedicine, forensics and citizen science.  I conduct in-depth ethnographic research of race and the new genomics, and develop participatory action research models to intervene in humanitarian crises via DNA bio banking, grass-roots databases, and citizen-led science.

I am currently developing new projects on Data Justice, Citizen- Sensing and alternative approaches to scientific innovation in the Global South in spaces like Mexico, Colombia and Indonesia. My current research projects are: Mobile Solutions Against the Mexican Kidnapping Epidemic (Newton Fund-ESRC 2016-2019) and Data Justice in Mexico's Multiveillant Society (ESRC Transformative 2018-2020).

My research has attracted vast public attention since Mexicans are currently dealing with more than 32,000 disappearances in a context characterised by the complicity of authorities and organised crime. For a brief audio-visual taste of Citizen-Led Forensic watch: