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Photo of Dr Alex Prichard

Dr Alex Prichard

PhD (Loughborough University)

Associate Professor

Amory B217

Office hours, Wednesday and Thursday 10-11am and by appointment.
Publications also available at Research Gate
For a summary of our work on anarchist constitutionalising, head to the Anarchy Rules website. 
I am currently working on five book projects: 
  1. Anarchism. A very short introduction. This new edition is under contract with Oxford University Press and due for publication in late 2021. 
  2. I am editing and writing an introduction to Paul Sharkey's translation of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon's La Guerre et la Paix (1861). This was arguably one of Proudhon's best books, making it a key to understading his life's work too. It will be published by AK Press in late 2021. 
  3. Constitutionalising Anarchy. In this book, Ruth Kinna and I draw together our ESRC-funded research on anarchist constitutionalising, integrating empirical, historical and theoretical work on anarchist constitutional politics. Ruth and I were interviewed on this topic recently and you can find the video of this here. The project website is here
  4. Anarchic Agreements. We are combining and publishing two 'how to' guides as a book. These present our recent research on anarchist constitutionalising accessibly, setting out how to establish durable groups, networks and coalitions in an anarchistic way. You can find the pamphlet versions here.
  5. Modern International Relations Theory. This advanced introduction to IR theory contextualises IR theory and theorists within debates about how to theorise world politics during the transformation of the colonial and imperial era (1880s-2011). This is under contract with Palgrave.
Other projects: 
1. Anarchy and IR theory
I have also edited two collections on the intersections between anarchism and IR theory. The first was a forum on anarchism and world politics (2010) and the second reconsidered the concept of anarchy in IR (2017). 
2. Building bridges between anarchisms and marxisms
I have attempted to generate a conversation between anrchists and marxists on mutual points of intersection and overlap, as well as tension and disagreement. This has resulted in three co-edited collections. The first explores the historical (2012) connections made between anarchism and marxism, by theorists and groups who found value in both. The second explores more pointed philosophical differences (2016), and unpacks those with the aim of clarifying where future conceptual intersections might be built. The third volume looks at the contemporary overlaps between anarchist and marxist social movements around the world (2020). 
3. Methods
The second side project relates to the methods modes of of academic reproduction. A 2017 ISRF grant with Dr Lara Coleman (Sussex) enabled a group of us to synthesise and communicate the coproduction and ethnographic methods that support and inform our theoretical research. A second group I was involved with developed very sucessful methods for group writing, with a view to challenging the alienation of moderrn academia by building cooperation back in. 
With colleagues at a five other institutions we have developed novel co-authoring methods and methodologies, that resulted in this publication.
Other scholarly ventures
I established and co-edit the monograph series Contemporary Anarchist Studies, first published by Continuum, then Bloomsbury, and now published by Manchester University Press. We have nearly two dozen titles in print, and more forthcoming. 
In 2005 I co-founded the PSA Anarchist Studies Network, which I am convening again from this year, and I have been an Associate Editor of Anarchist Studies since 2010. 
You can find my publications on the University of Exeter repository (see Publications) as well as at Research Gate 

Research interests

Dr Prichard is a member of the Centre of Advanced International Studies and the Centre for Political Thought at the University of Exeter. His research sits within and spans both centres. He has published in the following areas: 
  • Anarchist political thought
  • International political theory
  • The ethics and phenomenology of war and violence
  • Republican political theory
  • Constitutional politics
  • Co-production methods in political philosophy

Research supervision

I would be happy to supervise graduate and doctoral research in the following areas:

  • Classical and contemporary International Political Theory
  • Mainstream and critical International Relations theory
  • Anarchist theory and practice
  • The history of socialism
  • Normative approaches to International Relations
  • Global constitutionalism
  • The history and historiography of International Relations
  • Global ethics, the ethics of war and of violence

Research students

I have helped secure ESRC 1+3 awards for two doctoral students (see below), and have co-supervised two PhD projects to completion. Both now have posts as full time academics. I am currently supervising the following projects: 

Current PhD supervision

  • Andreas Karoutas ‘The minority-majority enigma: Resurrecting a political democracy' (with Dr Andy Schaap) 
  • Maria Della Porta Rodiani 'Anarchism, Cultural resistance and the Prefiguration of Alternatives in Palestine' (with Prof. Ilan Pape)
  • Chris Beaumont, University of Exeter, 'Anarchist Agency in International Relations' (with Prof. Clive Barnett)
  • George Rowland, UWE, ESRC, Plannng and Off Grid Rural Developments. (with Dr Katie McClymont, UWE)

Completed PhD supervision

  • Biao Zhang, 'Reaon in International Relations: An Historical Image of the Discipline' (with Prof. Iain Hampsher Monk). Dr Zhang now teaches a CUPL, Beijing.
  • Tatevik Mnatsakanyan, ‘Silencing and Binding Effects in Foreign Policy Discourse’ (with Prof. John Heathershaw). Dr Mnatsakanyan now teaches at Loughborough University, London. 

External impact and engagement

Dr Alex Prichard’s is an impact case study lead for Department of Politics.

His research on anarchist constitutionalsing has supported the development of new organisations’ constitutions and democratic capacity. The impact of this research has reached across anarchist and radical democratic movements in the UK, to Europe and beyond, changing how a range of third sector organisations, including an independent union, housing and worker cooperatives, civil society organisations and NGOs, organise and constitutionalise.



  • PhD, Politics, International Relations and European Studies, Loughborough University (2008)
  • MSc Econ, International Politics (Theory), Aberystwyth University (2003)
  • MA Hons (by research), International Relations, University of Wollongong, N.S.W. (2001)
  • BA Hons, International Relations, Nottingham Trent University (1994)

Academic Employment

  • Associate Professor in International Relations, 2020-
  • Senior Lecturer in International Relations, Univerity of Exeter, 2015-2020
  • Lecturer in International Relations, University of Exeter, 2012-2015
  • Senior lecturer in International Relations, Coventry University, 2012
  • LSE Fellow in International Political Theory, 2010-2012
  • ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Bristol, 2009-2010
  • Research Officer, EU FP7 Project, 'Building a Just and Durable Peace by Piece', University of Bath, 2008-2009
  • Teaching Fellow, International Relations, University of Bath, 2007-2008

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