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Visiting Scholars

The C-MEP welcomes visiting academic staff (including postdocs), which at the University are classified as honorary appointments. Visiting academic staff will be granted access to certain University facilities to further their own research or to cooperate on joint research to the mutual benefit of both themselves and C-MEP.

Please note that an honorary appointment is not a contract of employment and visiting academic staff will not receive any remuneration for work they undertake in their honorary capacity. Read more on the procedures and application process.

Current Scholars

Dr Juan A. Macías-Amoretti

Dr Juan A. Macías-Amoretti

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Juan A. Macías-Amoretti is an Associate Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Granada, where he lectures in Contemporary Arab Thought, Contemporary History of the Arab World, and Contemporary Arab Philosophy and Islamic Discourse in graduate and postgraduate studies. He is a Senior Research Fellow at the research group Contemporary Arab Studies at the UGR (HUM108), and Honorary Research Fellow at the IAIS, University of Exeter.