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Gender, migration and inclusivity

Katie Natanel

My research is grounded primarily in Palestine/Israel, with interests including political participation and mobilisation; conflict and political violence; political emotions and sensation; and decolonisation and anti-colonial movements. I am now pursuing work on decolonial feminist ecologies, which traces transnational connections.

Maziyar Ghiabi

I am a social scientist and historian working on health and policy with a special focus on drug policy, 'addictions', and lived experience of public health in contexts of disruption.



Alan Hassanian

My research discipline falls with Political Science. I look at historical and contemporary trends and evenest shaping the 20th and 21st centuries’ development of the state and society in Iran. With a particular focus on identity politics/politics from Iran's peripheral regions, such as the country’s Kurdish region (Rojhelat/Eastern Kurdistan). All together my research interests comprise contemporary Iranian and Kurdish politics, Kurdish nationalism and national movement, and environmental and cultural activism in Kurdistan

Irene Fernandez Molina

My research deals with international relations of the Global South, foreign policies of dependent and/or authoritarian states, the migration-foreign policy nexus (migration diplomacy), frozen conflicts, contested/unrecognised states and the international politics of recognition – with a regional focus on North Africa, as well as EU foreign policy and Euro-Mediterranean relations.

Sabiha Allouche

My research looks at the affective consequences of the securitisation of governance and the permanent war that subjects in the global south endure. More specifically, I focus on the instrumentalization of gender and sexuality and the sexualisation of racial difference in the Middle East has shaped relationships to the state, gendered subjectivity, mobility and futurity

Billie Brownlee

I work on social mobilisations, civil wars, political violence, digital activism, media studies and refugee crisis management. My area of expertise is Syria, Lebanon and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Adam Hanieh

My research focuses on the political economy of the Middle East, with a particular emphasis on the six states of the Gulf Cooperation Council. My work examines the role of the Gulf states within global capitalism; as well as the ways in which capital accumulation in the Gulf impacts wider issues of development in the Middle East, including inequality, poverty, and social polarisation.

Nadia Naser-Najjab

My research work is related to Palestine and the Palestine-Israel conflict with emphasis on peace process, resistance, reconciliation, civil society. My areas of research include Palestinian women and youth.

Jonathan Githens-Mazer

My research has two main focuses. I have an interest in theories of nationalism, particularly ethno-symbolic approaches to nationalism, and how nationalist movements constitute a sustained form of contentious politics. My latest research examines 'radicalisation', particularly in relation to myths, memories and symbols of the past.