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I am a specialist in science and technology studies, with particular interests in science and policy; science communication, engagement and participation; environmental and agricultural politics; contemporary history; and interdisciplinarity.

Much of my research explores how scientific knowledge is produced, communicated, interpreted and contested in the wider public sphere, particularly during public knowledge controversies. I have explored these dynamics through a series of case studies, including of popular evolutionary psychology and communication and participation in food chain risks. I also study cross-disciplinary interactions across health, agriculture and the environment, particularly in terms of agenda building and collaboration around the idea of 'One Health'.

I am in the closing stages of a Wellcome Trust Fellowship investigating the history of bovine TB in the UK since c. 1965 and debates over whether to cull wild badgers in order to control the disease in domestic cattle herds. This case has seen repeating cycles of policymaking, public controversy, expert review and evidence gathering, raising questions about what drives such cycles, and the lack of institutional memory in such chronic, long term policy problems.

You can see further details of my publications linked here and on Google Scholar

As an extension of my interests in public engagement, I chair the Science in Public Research Network: a cross disciplinary meeting space for academics and professionals interested in science, technology and medicine in the public sphere.

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Research interests

Expertise and Policy / Politics

Knowledge Controversies

Engagement, Publics and Participation

Science and Technology Studies

Scientific Communication / Science in Mass Media

Environmental/Agricultural Politics

Contemporary History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Animal Health Policy

Animal Studies 

Research supervision

I am happy to consider PhD supervision in any of the areas outlined above. Please email me to explore further.

Research students

I co-supervise one PhD researcher at present:

Virginia Thomas: 'Rewilding of species, land and ecosystems'


I have been external examiner for two PhDs:

Hyun Sook Cho (2014) 'BSE Controversy in Korea', University College London
Louise Jarvis (2009) 'Towards an anatomy of protracted scientific controversy: perpetuated negotiation in the directed mutation debate' University College London


External impact and engagement


  • Participant: One Health Scoping Workshop, Scottish Enterprise, Stirling, 9th February 2016.
  • Talk: ‘Uncertainty and Expectations of Science in Public’ Uncertainty stream, FutureEverything 2016, 1st April 2016.
  • Project lead, Being Human/Being Animal, public event at the Hunterian Museum, London, 15th November 2015, funded by the ‘Being Human’ Festival of the Humanities:
  • External adviser to artist Roger Hiorns, History is Now exhibition, Hayward Gallery, 10th Feb-26th April 2015 Interviewee, Radio 4: Costing the Earth, 23/10/13, ‘Our Neighbours are Elephants!’
  • Participant, DEFRA Bovine TB Science Workshop, held at the Royal Society, London, 25th April 2013
  • Talk: ‘A contemporary history of One Health: human/animal health and (inter)disciplinarity’ One Health Forum Korea, College of Veterinary Medicine, Seoul National University, 13-14th Dec. 2012 (Invited Keynote)
  • Talk: ‘Uncertainty and public controversy: the badger/bTB debate’ BBSRC Food Security Workshop, Science Museum London, 22nd November 2012 (invited speaker)
  • Interviewee, Today, Radio 4, 27/10/12; Harrabin, R. ‘Badgers: Splitting public opinion for more than 200 years’ BBC News Online,


Modules taught


Following an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Zoology, I transitioned from studying science to studying how science works, training as a postgraduate in Science and Technology Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

I then conducted postdoctoral research on food risks at the University of Leeds and on relationships between human and animal health at Imperial College London. My independant research programme investigating bovine TB was funded by research fellowships from the Rural Economy and Land Use Programme (at University of East Anglia) and Wellcome Trust (King's College London).

I joined the University of Exeter in September 2016 as a Lecturer in the Politics department and member of the Centre for Rural Policy Research (CRPR).

  • 2015 Being Human Festival: 'Being Human/Being Animal', £400 (+£400 funds from KCL History).
  • 2013-2017 Wellcome Trust Medical Humanities Fellowship (Kings College London/University of Exeter, 101540/Z/13/Z), £179,911.
  • 2008-2011 RELU Interdisciplinary Early Career Fellowship, (University of East Anglia, RES-229-27-007a), £255,637.
  • 2003-2004 ESRC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, (Universit of Manchester, PTA-026-27-0036), £26,492.
  • 1998-2002 ESRC Quota Award MSc. Studentship; Open Competition PhD Studentship (University of Edinburgh)