Photo of Dr Andrew Schaap

Dr Andrew Schaap

BA(Hons) Melbourne, MSc, PhD Edinburgh


Extension: 3186

Telephone: 01392 723186

Associate Professor

Office Hours (autumn term 2016/17): 12.30-13.30 Monday, 13.30-14.30 Thursday, Amory B214.

I teach and supervise students in contemporary political theory and critical IR theory. My research broadly aims to conceptualize political action, politicization, and the constitution of political community. I draw on debates in political theory about 'agonism' (the Ancient Greek term for the struggle for distinction among citizens) and the concept of the political (more or less synonymous with 'polity' or 'the common') to examine issues surrounding democratic praxis, the politics of reconciliation and human rights. The two strands of my current research are related by these broad research aims and approach.

The first strand, funded by the AHRC, aims to understand the history of the Australian Aboriginal land rights struggle in relation to the settler state and society. In some recent papers, co-authored with Paul Muldoon, we have examined the political significance of the Aboriginal Embassy for the Australian polity. I have also co-edited book with Gary Foley and Edwina Howell, The Aboriginal Tent Embassy: Sovereignty, Black Power, Land Rights and the State and co-authored a chapter with Edwina Howell for the Routledge Handbook of Global Citizenship Studies on the same topic. This research will be further developed through my partipation in an Australian Research Council-funded project Resistance, Recognition and Reconciliation in Australia - Lessons from South Africa and Northern Ireland.

The second strand of my current research examines how the problematic Hannah Arendt establishes with her notion of the 'right to have rights' has been addressed in continental political theory, particularly by Giorgio Agamben and Jacques Ranciere. In an article in the European Journal of Political Theory, for instance, I examine Ranciere's critique of Arendt.