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Institute Director
Professor Gareth Stansfield

Institute Director, Al-Qasimi Professor of Arab Gulf Studies, Professor of Middle East Politics

Academic Staff
Professor Dionisius A. Agius FBA

Al Qasimi Professor of Arabic Studies and Islamic Material Culture

Dr Omar Ashour

Senior Lecturer

Dr Mustafa Baig

Lecturer in Islamic Studies

Islamic Law, Muslims living in non-Muslim contexts
Dr Claire Beaugrand

Lecturer in Sociology of the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula

Dr Billie Jeanne Brownlee

Lecturer in Middle East Politics

social media revolution Arab Spring Internet digital technologies social movement revolts uprising displacement migration refugees refugee crisis Syria Lebanon civil society resistance dissent development aid micro-politics authoritarianism    
Ferah Burgul

Turkish Language Tutor

Dr John P. Cooper

Senior Lecturer in Arabic Studies and Islamic Material Culture

Islam Arab Maritime Ethnography Maritime Archaeology Islamic Archaeology History Boatbuilding Navigation Nile Red Sea Indian Ocean  Persian Gulf Egypt Arabia  
Dr Ahmed Dailami

Lecturer in the History of the Gulf and Arabian Peninsula

Emeritus Professor Rasheed El-Enany

Professor Emeritus

Dr Giorgia Ferrari


Associate Professor William Gallois

Associate Professor of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean History, Director of Research

Algeria Tunisia Morocco Maghreb North Africa Libya Mauritania Senegal Art Painting Culture History Decolonial Subaltern Violence Time Global
Dr Eleanor Gao

Senior Lecturer in Middle Eastern Politics

Good governance, local government, identity (especially tribal) politics, politics of the Arab world
Associate Professor Jonathan Githens-Mazer

Associate Professor in Ethno-Politics

Theories of nationalism,ethno-symbolist approaches to nationalism, ethnic conflict, national myths, memories and symbols, nationalist mobilisation, Irish nationalism, Algerian nationalism, radicalisation
Professor Robert Gleave

Professor of Arabic Studies

Hermeneutics and Scriptural Exegesis in Islam, Islamic Law, in particular works of Islamic legal theory (usul al-fiqh), Violence and its justification in Islamic thought, Shi'ism, in particular Shi'i legal and political theory  
Professor Timothy Insoll

Al-Qasimi Professor of African and Islamic Archaeology

 Islamic Archaeology; Later African Archaeology; Archaeology and materiality of African indigenous religions; Arabian Gulf Archaeology; Archaeology of West African empires; Mali; Ghana; Songhay; Red Sea; Ethiopia; Bahrain; India; Indian Ocean trade networks; Ethnoarchaeology of African shrines and medicine practices; Representation of Islam in Museums
Dr István Kristó-Nagy

Senior Lecturer in Arabic and Islamic Studies

Abbasid culture; Early and classical Islamic civilisation; social and intellectual history; art history; literature; political thought, Zandaqa (Manicheism and other forms of dualist thought); the kuttāb (administrative elite); comparative and interdisciplinary studies.
Mr Ali Mossadegh

Lecturer in Persian Language

Dr Katie Natanel

Lecturer in Gender Studies

feminist theory; political violence; decolonisation; Palestine/Israel; affect and embodiment; temporality; political mobilisation and participation; creative pedagogies; performative research methodologies
Emeritus Professor Ian Netton

Professor Emeritus

Islamic theology and philosophy, Anthropology of religion (especially ritual), Sufism, mediaeval Arab travellers, Arabic and Islamic bibliography, comparative textuality and semiotics, comparative religion  
Emeritus Professor Tim Niblock

Professor Emeritus

Ms Abla Oudeh Mahmoud


Professor Ilan Pappé

Professor of History, Director of the European Centre for Palestine Studies.

Dr Christina Phillips

Senior Lecturer in Arabic Literature and Media

Arabic and Arab anglophone writing, comparative literature, translation studies, postcolonial theory.  
Dr Ross Porter


Anthropology of time, ethics, the state, revolution, freedom
Ms Fatima Rawan

Lecturer in Arabic Language

Associate Professor Sajjad Rizvi

Associate Professor of Islamic Intellectual History and Islamic Studies

Islamic Philosophy, Intellectual History, Global Philosophy, Quranic Hermeneutics, Exegesis, Shiʿi Islam
Associate Professor Christine Robins (formerly Allison)

Ibrahim Ahmed Professor of Kurdish Studies.

 Kurds, Kurdish, Kurmanji, memory, religous minority, Yezidi, Mandaean, narrative responsibility, speech genre, orality, literacy
Dr Clemence Scalbert-Yucel

Senior Lecturer in Ethnopolitics

 Kurdish literature, cultural production, heritage, rurality and ecology, Turkey, Kurdistan 
Dr Emily Selove

Senior Lecturer of Medieval Arabic Language and Literature

Medieval Arabic literature, magic, sympotic literature, banquet literature, wine, sexuality, reception
Dr Lise Storm

Senior Lecturer in Middle East Politics, Director of Education

Democracy; democratization; authoritarianism; political parties; party systems; democracy assistance; aid; development; SDG16. 
Dr Suha Taji-Farouki

Senior Lecturer in Modern Islam

modern and contemporary Islam and Islamic thought, sufism, Muslim devotionalism, Muslim prayer, Ibn 'Arabi in the modern world, Islamic movements, political Islam, Islamic radicalism, Qur'anic studies, interfaith relations                
Associate Professor Marc Valeri

Associate Professor in Political Economy of the Middle East, Director - Centre for Gulf Studies, College Director of Postgraduate Research

Gulf monarchies; political economy; political sociology; comparative (Middle East) politics; authoritarianism; state-business relations.
Research Staff
Amin Ehteshami

Research Fellow

Law, Authority and Learning in Imami Shi’ite Islam
Dr Farangis Ghaderi

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Paul Gledhill

Research Fellow on LAWALISI Project

Dr Nadia Khalaf

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

 African Archaeology; Islamic Archaeology; landscape archaeology; satellite remote sensing; Geographical Information Systems (GIS); cultural heritage management
Dr Nadia Naser-Najjab

Research Fellow in Palestine Studies

 Palestine Israel Setter Colonialism  Resistance  Decolonisation  Civil Society  Solidarity  Neoliberalism  reconciliation     
Dr Davide Pettinato

Research Fellow

Islam; Muslims; Islam in the UK; British Muslims; climate change; sustainable development; water; Muslim NGOs; Muslim charities; framing; communication; civic engagement.
Dr Raha Rafii

Research Fellow

Law, Authority and Learning in Imami Shi’ite Islam
Kumail Rajani

Research Fellow

Law, Authority and Learning in Imami Shi’ite Islam
Professional Services Staff
Tom Allen

SSIS Student Recruitment Administrator

Melissa Barrett

Widening Participation Coordinator

Gemma Bartlett ACIM

Strategic Marketing Campaign Manager

Kate Blackmore

Outreach Officer- Communications & Corporate Affairs

Sarah Firman

Project Administrator

Leo Leandro Rodrigues

Project and Web Development Manager (MESnet)

Sarah Lucas

Communications and Marketing Officer

Eleanor Monger

Student Recruitment and Admissions Manager

Miss Julia Paci

Employability and Outreach Manager

Emma Reeve

Head of Communications and Marketing

Sarah Roberts


James Smith

Business Partner, International Partnerships

Jane Tanner

Web Marketing Officer (Web Team)

Rebecca Thomson

Administrator/EA to HoD

Sarah Wood

Project Administrator

Visiting Professors
Professor Maria Fierro

Al-Qasimi Professor of Islamic Studies

Honorary Research Fellows
Dr Noor al-Qasimi

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Saud Al-Sarhan

Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Mr Paul Auchterlonie

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Jenny Balfour-Paul

Honorary Research Fellow

Professor Herman Bell

Professor, Senior Research Fellow

Dr Li Bingzhong

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Elaine M Goodwin

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Manami Goto

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Syahrul Hidayat

Honorary Research Fellow

Professor Mohammed Ihsan

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Julian Jansen Van Rensburg

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Ghada Karmi

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Ghassan Khatib

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Basoeki Koesasi

Honorary Research Fellow

Mr Simon Laws

Honorary Research Fellow

Jane Lewisohn

Honorary Associate Research Fellow

Mr Leslie McLoughlin

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Sami Miaari

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Farah Mohammad

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Harriet Nash

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr James Onley

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Francis Owtram

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Sophie Richter-Devroe

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Eskandar Sadeghi-Boroujerdi

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Muhanad Seloom

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Kelsey Shanks

Honorary Research Fellow

Mr Christopher Ward

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Norbert Weismann

Honorary Research Fellow

PhD Students

Mohammad Affan PhD student
Abdullah Alharbi PhD student
Nathan Anderson PhD student
Mehrdad Ali Poor Kalaei PhD student
Clive Brown PhD student
Rob Fuller PhD student
Manami Goto PhD student
Karwan Kurdi PhD student
Hannah Parsons PhD student
Monica Ronchi PhD student
Irwan Saidin PhD student