Staff profiles

All members of academic staff have individual profiles including information about their research interests, publications, responsibilities and contact details.

Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology Staff

Head of Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology
Professor Harry G West Professor of Anthropology
Academic staff
Dr Alexey Bessudnov Senior Lecturer (Sociology)
Dr Katharine Boyd Senior Lecturer (Sociology)
Professor Giovanna Colombetti Associate Professor (Philosophy)
Dr Jonathan Davies Associate Lecturer (Philosophy)
Professor Tia DeNora Professor (Sociology of Music)
Dr Luna Dolezal Lecturer (Philosophy)
Dr Julien Dugnoille Lecturer (Anthropology)
Professor John Dupré Director of Egenis, Professor (Philosophy of Science)
Dr Abigail Dymond Lecturer (Sociology and Criminology)
Professor Jane Elliott Professor (Sociology)
Dr Hannah Farrimond Senior Lecturer (Sociology)
Dr Ashley Frayling Lecturer (Criminology)
Dr Shane Glackin Lecturer (Philosophy)
Professor Christine Hauskeller Associate Professor (Philosophy)
Professor Samantha Hurn Associate Professor (Anthropology)
Dr Iza Kavedžija Lecturer (Anthropology)
Professor Susan Kelly Director of Research (Sociology and Egenis)
Dr Joel Krueger Senior Lecturer (Philosophy)
Professor Sabina Leonelli Professor of Philosophy and History of Science
Dr Eric Lybeck Lecturer (Sociology)
Dr Charles Masquelier Lecturer (Sociology)
Dr Narzanin Massoumi Lecturer (Sociology and Criminology)
Professor Staffan Müller-Wille Associate Professor (Philosophy and Egenis)
Professor Mike Michael Professor (Anthropology and Sociology)
Professor Susan Molyneux-Hodgson Chair of Sociology
Professor Lenny Moss Associate Professor (Philosophy)
Dr Nitzan Peri-Rotem Lecturer (Sociology and Q Step)
Dr Chris Playford Lecturer (Sociology)
Dr Nigel Pleasants Director of Education, Senior Lecturer (Philosophy and Sociology)
Professor Brian Rappert Professor (Sociology)
Dr Tom Rice Senior Lecturer (Anthropology)
Dr Tom Roberts Lecturer (Philosophy)
Professor Michael Schillmeier Professor (Sociology)
Dr Astrid Schrader Lecturer (Sociology and Philosophy)
Dr Edward Skidelsky Lecturer (Philosophy)
Dr Christopher Thorpe Associate Lecturer (Sociology)
Dr Adam Toon Senior Lecturer (Philosophy)
Dr Katharine Tyler Senior Lecturer (Anthropology)
Dr Dana Wilson-Kovacs Senior Lecturer (Sociology)
Research Fellows
Dr Gemma Anderson Research Fellow
Dr Nicole-Kerstin Baur BAMI Research Fellow
Dr Louise Bezuidenhout Research Fellow
Dr Stephan Guttinger Research Fellow
Dr Steven Kapp Research Fellow in Autism and Neurodiversity
Dr Anne Sophie Meincke (Spann) Research Fellow
Dr Daniel Nicholson Research Fellow
Dr Steve North EASE Postdoctoral Research Fellow(Anthrozoology)
Dr Ginny Russell Senior Research Fellow (Sociology and Egenis)
Niccolò Tempini Research Fellow
Dr Kath Wilkinson Research Fellow
Associate Research Fellows
Dr Sally Atkinson Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Jennifer Cuffe Associate Research Fellow
Department administrator
Ms Miluse Cizkova Department Administrator
Mr Dave Morning Departmental Administrator
Professional Services Staff
Tom Allen SSIS Student Recruitment Administrator
Kate Blackmore Projects Officer (Widening Participation and Pathways to Law)
Eleanor Monger Student Recruitment and Admissions Manager
Miss Julia Paci Employability and Outreach Manager
Dr Gabi Recknagel Research Development Adviser (Social Science Cluster)
Emma Reeve Acting Head of Communications and Marketing
James Smith Business Partner, International Partnerships
Jane Tanner Web Marketing Officer (Web Team)
Chee Wong Research Administrator
Graduate teaching assistants
Mr Lewis Coyne Graduate Teaching Assistant
Jack Griffiths Graduate Teaching Assistant
Jessica Groling Graduate teaching assistant
Ms Marika Hietala Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Peter Hughes Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Jacob Lucas Graduate Teaching Assistant
Eimear McLoughlin Graduate Teaching Assistant
Ms Rosanna Mead Graduate Teaching Assistant
Ms Aimee Middlemiss Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Kawa Morad Graduate teaching assistant
Ms Celia Plender Graduate Teaching Assistant
Ms Jaanika Puusalu Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Andrea Raimondi Graduate Teaching Assistant
Ms Eva Schurig Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Stuart Scrase Graduate Teaching Assistant
Ms Elena Sharratt Graduate Teaching Assistant
Ms Georgia Smith Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Javier Suarez Diaz Graduate Teaching Assistant
Associate member
Professor Malcolm Cowburn Honorary Professor of Criminology
Professor Grace Davie Professor of Sociology
Professor Andrew Pickering Professor
Dr Hilary Wheaton Associate Member
Research students
Owen Abbott Research student

Guler Cansu Agoren

Research student
Rita Alberto Research student

Taline Artinian

Research student

Lucienne Attala

Research student

Alexander Badman-King

Research student
Zulfiya Bakhtibekova Research student
Antonios Basoukos Research student
Nicholas Binney Research student

Thomas Bonnin

Research student
Antonio Calleja Lopez Research student
Thomas Cawkwell Research student
Victoria Coven Research student

Lewis Coyne

Research student

Philippa Dell

Research student
Elizabeth Dennis Research student
Charles Duke Research student

Fenella Eason

Research student

Ethemer Enver

Research student
Jessica Groling Research student
Nathaniel Holmes Research student
Tarquin Holmes Research student

Caglar Karaca

Research student
James Lowe Research student

Jacob Lucas

Research student

Rosanna Mead

Research student

Sharon Merz

Research student
Deborah Mitchell Research student
Owen Morice Research student

Hazel O’Brien

Research student
Simon Procter Research student

Jannika Puusalu

Research student

Thibault Racovski

Research student
Elizabeth Rowe Research student

Luigi Russi

Research student

Eva Shurig

Research student

Toby Sherman

Research student
Sarah Smith Research student

Albertus Van Der Veer

Research student
James Watson Research student

David Wyatt

Research student
Simon Young Research student