Staff profiles

All members of academic staff have individual profiles including information about their research interests, publications, responsibilities and contact details.

Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology Staff

Head of Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology
Professor Michael Hauskeller Associate Professor
Academic staff
Dr Alexey Bessudnov Lecturer (Sociology)
Dr Katharine Boyd Lecturer (Sociology)
Dr Andrea Butcher Associate Lecturer (Anthropology)
Professor Giovanna Colombetti Associate Professor (Philosophy)
Dr Jonathan Davies Teaching Fellow (Philosophy)
Professor Tia DeNora Professor of Sociology of Music and Director of Research, Sociology/Philosophy
Professor John Dupré Director of Egenis/Professor of Philosophy of Science
Dr Hannah Farrimond Lecturer
Dr Shane Glackin Teaching Fellow (Philosophy)
Professor Paul Griffiths Visiting Professor (Egenis and Philosophy)
Dr Trever Hagen Research Fellow
Professor Christine Hauskeller Associate Professor (Philosophy and Egenis)
Dr Samantha Hurn Lecturer (Anthropology)
Professor David Inglis Professor of Sociology
Dr Rachel Jarvie Lecturer (Sociology)
Professor Susan Kelly Director of PG Studies; Associate Professor (Sociology and Egenis)
Dr Ann Kelly Senior Lecturer (Anthropology)
Professor Anthony King Professor (Sociology)
Dr Joel Krueger Lecturer
Dr Sabina Leonelli Associate Professor (Philosophy and History of Science) (Philosophy)
Dr Martin Levinson Social & cultural contexts of learning
Dr Staffan Müller-Wille Associate Professor (Philosophy and Egenis)
Professor Lenny Moss Associate Professor (Philosophy)
Professor Andrew Pickering Professor (Sociology and Philosophy)
Dr Nigel Pleasants Senior Lecturer (Philosophy and Sociology)
Professor Brian Rappert Professor
Dr Tom Rice Lecturer (Anthropology)
Dr Tom Roberts Research Fellow (Philosophy)
Dr Hannah Rumble Lecturer (Anthropology)
Dr Ginny Russell Research Fellow
Professor Michael Schillmeier Professor
Dr Edward Skidelsky Lecturer (Philosophy)
Dr Adam Toon Research Fellow
Dr Katharine Tyler Lecturer (Anthropology)
Dr Matthias Zick Varul Senior Lecturer (Sociology)
Dr Dana Wilson-Kovacs Director of Education, Lecturer (Sociology and Egenis)
Research Fellows
Dr Louise Bezuidenhout Research Fellow
Dr Daniele Carrieri Research Fellow
Dr Stephan Guttinger Research Fellow
Dr Anne Sophie Meincke (Spann) Research Fellow
Dr Daniel Nicholson Research Fellow
Dr Astrid Schrader HASS Research Fellow
Niccolò Tempini Research Fellow
Associate Research Fellows
Dr Nicole-Kerstin Baur BAMI Research Fellow
Dr Jennifer Cuffe Associate Research Fellow
Department administrator
Mr Dave Morning Departmental Administrator
Support Staff
Tom Allen SSIS Student Recruitment Administrator
Kate Blackmore Projects Officer (Widening Participation and Pathways to Law)
Judith Breckell SSIS Administrator (Education & Workload Planning)
Eleanor Monger SSIS Student Recruitment Team Leader
Miss Julia Paci Employability and Outreach Manager
Ms Claire Packman Research Manager (Impact & Engagement)
Dr Gabi Recknagel Senior Research Administrator (Pre-Award)
Emma Reeve Marketing Manager
Sarah Turner Alumni Officer
Chee Wong Research Administrator
Graduate teaching assistants
Mr Thomas Cawkwell Graduate teaching assistant
Mr Victor Gazis Graduate teaching assistant
Jessica Groling Graduate teaching assistant
Mr Tarquin Holmes Graduate teaching assistant
Mr James Lowe Graduate teaching assistant
Alexander Scavone Graduate teaching assistant
Mr Antonio Simoes-Lopes-Paiva-d Graduate teaching assistant
Daniel Smith Graduate teaching assistant
Associate member
Professor Malcolm Cowburn Associate member
Professor Grace Davie Professor of Sociology
Dr Hilary Wheaton Associate Member
Research students
Rita Alberto Research student
Zulfiya Bakhtibekova Research student
Antonios Basoukos Research student
Nicholas Binney Research student
Antonio Calleja Lopez Research student
Thomas Cawkwell Research student
Victoria Coven Research student
Elizabeth Dennis Research student
Charles Duke Research student
Jessica Groling Research student
Pinar Guran Research student
Mariko Hara Research student
Nathaniel Holmes Research student
Tarquin Holmes Research student
Paola Innocenti Research student
James Lowe Research student
Deborah Mitchell Research student
Owen Morice Research student
Simon Procter Research student
Craig Robertson Research student
Alexander Scavone Research student
Antonio Simoes Lopes Paiva de Carvalho Research student
Daniel Smith Research student
Simon Young Research student